What’s Lee Hyori’s comment… Uhm Jung-hwa “Hyo-ri is also pretty good, why did he do that?”

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.05.30 22:56

/Photo = ‘Salon Drip’ video from ‘TEO Teo’ YouTube channel

Singer and actor Uhm Jung-hwa showed affection for the members of the TV entertainment program ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’.

On the 30th, the YouTube channel ‘TEO Theo’ released the second episode of ‘Salon Drip’, a web entertainment program starring Uhm Jung-hwa.

In this video, Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her feelings about being with singers Kim Wan-seon, Lee Hyo-ri, Boa, and the group Mamamoo’s Hwasa in ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’. What Lee Hyo-ri talked about in the tvN entertainment program ‘Seoul Check-in’ was actually produced as a program.

/Photo = ‘Salon Drip’ video from ‘TEO Teo’ YouTube channel

About this, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “But the stage we wanted came true. It really made us perform popular songs in the past on stage. “I am also very upset,” he said.

Then he added, “How big is the difference in time. But since I’ve been singing again, I feel like I just performed that stage yesterday.”

Uhm Jung-hwa also mentioned the members of ‘Dance Singer Touring Team’.

He said, “Wayne has a lot of aegyo and he’s getting brighter. Even if you look at him, he has experience, so he’s called a director everywhere, but he’s becoming a baby of ahead. It’s good to see it like that.” “

He continued, “Hwasa is always so honest, and sometimes she’s like an older sister. Hwasa is very proud. Hyori always comes up with very new things, so I like her a lot.”

When Uhm Jeong-hwa mentioned Hyo-ri Lee, Jang Do-yeon said, “Lee Hyo-ri posted a comment on Uhm Jung-hwa’s social network service (social network service), saying, ‘Sister, give me a heart . ‘” Uhm Jung-hwa laughed.

Then, he thought, “Hyori has many breasts too. Really, why did she do that?” In response, Jang Do-yeon said, “Will you give it to me?” and suggested, “Let’s talk to me later,” causing laughter.

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