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What’s the best Olympics today? “Pro May-Pro Meow”, first day of women’s golf, athletics, win the men’s 200-meter run

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Olympic Games on Wednesday, August 4, with 17 gold medals competing. What kinds of sports are interesting? Follow here.

– Thai athletes

Women’s golf in the Olympics kicked off the first day. Paphangkorn Thawatthanakij and Ariya Jutanukarn, two athletes from Thailand, have already left the practice round before the actual tournament, where “Pro Meow” was placed in Group 15 along with E. Australia’s Minzy, the latest Evian Championship winner, and Germany’s Sofia Popov at 8:14 a.m. Thailand time.

While “Prome” Ariya Jutanugarn is in group 16 with Kim Hyo Joo, South Korean golfer and Carlota Ciganda, a young woman from Spain at 08.25 to join in the chance to win golfers. Thailand at the Olympics

Orasa Thiangkratok, female canoe athlete, 200 m sprint distance is considered a relatively short distance. So anything can happen. The subject was placed in the heat of the 3rd race, the 6th track, competing at 08.19 am. If finishing 1st or 2nd, it will go directly to the semifinals. But if they do not succeed, they will continue to compete in the rehearsal later on the same day.

– Skateboard

Skateboarding was entered into the Olympic Games for the first time at the 2020 Tokyo Games, where it has won two gold medals in the men’s and women’s street skating categories. Today is the gold medal in the women’s skating park category. in which all 20 athletes will compete

The venue is shaped like a large cup. With a corner to speed up to show various moves continuously, only 8 athletes with the highest score in the qualifying round will pass to compete for the gold medal.

Kokona Hiraki, the host athlete, is only 12 years old, the youngest in the competition. The oldest is an athlete from South Africa, Meriza Williams, 36 years old. The game is definitely fun.

– Athletics

The men’s 200-meter run is an event to watch as usual. Because there will be a whirlwind at the top of the world’s top 8 people. Let’s duel at the speed of two of the favorites who should be able to win. Andre de Grass from Canada, number 2 in the world in this period. The silver medalist from five years ago, but made his qualifiers first place and recently won a bronze in the 100m.

The other is US runner Noah Lines, who is now the world’s number 1 in the 200m range at the age of 24, is at the peak of his sprinter’s life and this is his first Olympics. This year’s record, referred to as running 19.74 seconds, who will receive another medal that athletic fans are watching the most today, 19.55 minutes. Prepare to win.

– horse riding

Horse-jumping is the most fun and easy-to-understand genre for sports fans. Just encourage athletes to take their trusty horses to jump over all fences. Whoever completes the jump with the least amount of time and no points deducted will be the winner. By the last 6 races, the champions come from 6 nations, which means that this type of equestrian sport can’t predict the contenders at all. Make sports fans excited all the time.

But today’s finals, three athletes from the United Kingdom have entered the competition for medals, and four years ago the gold medal was 63-year-old Nick Skelton from the UK. at 5:00 p.m.

Follow the live broadcast of the Olympic Games 2020 every day via T-Sports, including Thai PBS, NBT, PPTV, JKN 18, True4U 24, GMMTV 25 and AIS PLAY between 23 July – 8 August 2021.

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