What’s the secret secret? Kim Jong-kook I only say what I have to say in the broadcast, I’m embarrassed Running Man

photo credit = SBS

Singer Kim Jong-kook was furious at the revelations of the members of ‘Running Man’.

On SBS ‘Running Man’, which will be broadcast on the 5th, the scene where the members caused the climax to Kim Jong-guk for the first time in 11 years will be revealed.

In a recent recording, an opportunity was provided to officially revolt against ‘Hyung Line’ Yoo Jae-seok, Ji Suk-jin, and Kim Jong-guk. The members took this opportunity to expose Kim Jong-guk’s secret secrets and weaknesses, creating an all-time low.

From the beginning, the members predicted a huge revelation, saying, “I have a lot to talk about. Can’t you give me two hours?” Yang Se-chan started to scratch Kim Jong-guk’s pride by saying, “Look at what! You can’t play soccer.” Haha also said, “Are you good at fighting? Follow me to the roof” and turned the scene upside down with a word of conversion that you can’t normally do.

Not only the younger brothers but also Yoo Jae-suk revealed the behind-the-scenes story he had never heard before, saying, “I will only talk about this.”

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