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Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions. It was only later that parts of a baby’s leg were exposed in the pictures inside this mummy’s abdomen. Subsequent tests revealed that they were shocked to learn that they were testing the world’s first pregnant mummy.

As the priest became pregnant, many mysterious questions arose. Who is this woman? Why were they mummified, including the fetus? Archaeologists have named the mummy Mysterious Mummy, which is housed in the National Museum of Warsaw.

The mummy and its coffin were received in 1826 by the University of Warsaw, Poland. It has been housed in the National Museum in Warsaw since 1917. It was initially thought to be a woman buried in a coffin because of the paintings and decorations. In 1920, an Egyptian priest of the same name read the inscription on the coffin as “Hor Juhuti”.

A computer tomography test conducted in 2016 proved it wrong. The bones were found to be soft and the male genitalia were absent. When the mummy was made in 3D, the breasts were also exposed and it was proved that this mummy belongs to a woman and not to a man. It is now thought that these mummies were not treated so delicately in the 19th century. Although it was the priest’s coffin, another mummy was buried inside. It is doubtful whether the thieves who were looking for luck in mummies and pyramids were behind this.

There is still no clear evidence of who this woman is. Yet it can be said that their body was mummified two thousand years ago in a very subtle way. Only the bodies of those who are high in society are mummified after death. Therefore, it is safe to say that they played an important role in ancient Egypt.


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The woman is believed to have died between the ages of 20 and 30. She was 26-30 weeks pregnant at the time of death. Infant and neonatal deaths were not uncommon in those days. It has been argued that even pregnancy can cause the death of a young woman who is generally in poor health. The study is published in the Journal of Archaeological Sciences.

English Summary: A Pregnant Ancient Egyptian Mummy Has Been Discovered in a Shocking World First



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