What's true, what's fake, and why Virginia still has a lot of title potential

Another wild week asks for another round of What's Real and What's Fake in a college basketball:

What's true: Virginia tries on Saturday's proof of its national title capacity

Tony Bennett's team put an exemplary effort against the Duke of Saturday in losing 81-71. The highlights (a 61 percent cut in the Duke from the 3 point line, the wild block of Zion Williamson) were forever due to the additional tasks of the Blue Devils team that look at the part of the national championship.

But Virginia's strategy narrows the Duke's opportunities across the edge. Almost one quarters of the Duke's holdings cost the Captors. Duck is the only team in the country that would leave Charlottesville a winning rate and 54 percent inside the arcade on Saturday night.

Bennett would probably like any part of a third game with Duko in the ACA or Recovery in the Final Fourth – the two possibilities – but who else could brush this Air squash that made all the power to Duke Exercise, which came into the game shooting by 31 percent over the arcade, to live the outline for a whole game?

Dive successfully produced a 3-point clip closer to its average size – say, 7-to-21 -days Virginia could win at 10.

He was struggling with Tre Jones to promote the ball in the middle of the court in the first half against the pressure of Kihei Clark. The Virginia robbed the Devils Blue on driving lanes and they put their stars forced to take difficult shots.

Virginia kept a protective pressure throughout the game, but the big Duke's team got tea and neutralized the Cavs. However, anyone who has been watching Bennett's squad is an effective basketball player who knows how to kill this squad.

Virginia again lost the Duke again on Saturday, but also wondered why he could win the national title this year. Zack Wajsgras / AP

What's fake: Tom Crean's postgame comments were beneficial

Whenever a new coach takes up a struggling program, it usually causes immediate changes that are aimed at the problems that resulted in the dismissal of its predecessor. But it takes time. And Tom Crean, It seems that Georgia's first-year patience came to its group.

After a team loss of 16-point home to Ole Miss on Saturday, Crean said he had blamed himself "because the person I decided to keep these people." Um … OK?

He said: "It does not mean they are big kids, but there is little program when there is a headquarters, when you have guys that they have not done at any time in fact in their career, there are a lot of guys That's what happens in job change. And I did not succeed in that. So I'm not complaining. We just need everything we can do to fix it and do it better. "

Georgia is 1-9 in the SEC. That's why Crean worked hard to recruit Anthony Edwards, number 5 in the country against ESPN.com, and other elite expectations. But his team thought it would be better if he lost his guys from the team when he accepted that he had an independent season-free statement.

Yes, coaches often leave players or those who are unfit to transfer their culture to transfer them when they take a new job. But they do not usually do the ones that remain because it is too productive. He also saw a coach against the former coach Georgia Mark Fox. And Crean's left is not a lot of talent on Archie Miller in Indiana.

In essence, Crean says, "You are all and I should have been told when I had the opportunity." What is a curious statement? It is meeting young men who were just waiting for this team.

What's true: A Saturday night atmosphere in Charlottesville is one of the reasons why the Tank NBA teams for Zion

Not only does the NBA team do not want Zion Williamson to give him his unique skills, but they are aware of the fusion around him and the ability to do it at the next level. Williamson's atmosphere generated during the Duke's victory over Virginia in Charlottesville is an important part of his appeal.

Before the game, hundreds of fans contributed to the events as they tried to dry into the field. Earlier earlier, Naval fans rose early to attend College GameDay.

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Local fan managers call from fans trying to fill the number of rooms available near the field. With Chris Leyden of StatGeek.com, tickets were resold for a $ 300 average in the secondary market, an average of almost 200 per cent on the average house ticket price in Virginia.

LeBron James, Rajon Rondo and Rich Paul were all there. Grant Hill, Ralph Sampson Jr. and ESPN's Michael Wilbon too. From start to finish, this is the highest place I was in this season.

This feature is like a Hollywood sign below Williamson's appeal. No other player in the country can do on Saturday night. The environment created by the Duke and his team when they hit the road is the reason why NBA teams will do everything they can to ensure their services.

We do not know how Williamson enjoys a dominant NBA run. But the arts, like John Paul Jones, will have a look, a feeling and a sound on Friday night wherever it plays next year.

What's Fake: The stars will sing alone Kentucky-Tennessee results

Some of the most capable players in the county will be in Kentucky and Tennessee County in Lexington: Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, PJ Washington, Reid Travis and Keldon Johnson.

Americans will have some of those players at the end of the season. Yes, it is possible that the depth of both squad is the most important element of the game on Saturday.

Since Alabama was killed on January 5, Tyler Herro made 39 percent of his 3 point attempts. And EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards will reinforce Kentucky from the bench. John Fulkerson and Derrick Walker Tennessee must also be ready to contribute.

Jordan averages 14.5 PPG (50 percent from the 3 point line) over the past four games. He has 16 dedicated bets in his five rounds, and Ashton Hagans is one of America's best defendants. The Vols Losing Pons Loss is a problem for losing face injury that may be on Saturday.

This is a rich competition when testing the depth of two main programs.

Mark Beag was a coach of the national coach of the whole year for a long season. AP / Young Kwak Photo

What's true: This could be the most spectacular national coach of the year's race this year

This season will be created with the national candidates coach of the year. Some of them – Rick Barnes, Mark Few and John Beilein – are on the list every season.

But others have emerged in recent weeks. Matt Painter is doing some of his best work Purdue has not been lost since January 8. Chris Mack lost a program that lost four beginners, but Louisville was listed as a top four seed in the NCAA initial portraits on Saturday.

Houston Kelvin Sampson could scam the NCAA competition with one loss.

Many candidates are moderate at this season's season.


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