What’s wrong with the secretary of the presidential office? Why can’t I get rid of Yoon Jae-soon?


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Controversy continues over Yoon Jae-soon, secretary for general affairs in the presidential office, who has been revealing distorted coming-of-age ceremonies one after another.

Although the presidential office is regretful, it is drawing a line on resignation, but it is pointed out that the background of acting as a close aide to President Yoon since the prosecution is at work.

Reporter Yoo Seo-young reports.

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Remarks from the National Assembly Steering Committee by Secretary General Yoon Jae-soon, who offered to explain the ‘belief power’.

It was an excuse that was unfair and far from reflecting.

[윤재순/대통령실 총무비서관]

“Your face is covered with cake. What should I do? So I said, ‘Kiss me,’ so what I said out of anger is true. So I did it on my cheek. But it was like saying I had sexually assaulted you…

With this remark, only Secretary Yoon’s inappropriate perception of sexuality was further highlighted following the controversy over the ‘sexual harassment glorification’ poetry collection.

In the political circles, there was a series of mentions of whereabouts.

[박형수/국민의힘 원내대변인]

“If the public will not be able to understand this part at all, shouldn’t we think of other methods…”

[김민석/더불어민주당 선대위 공동총괄본부장]

“Are you kissing when you’re angry? A person who spoke pervert-level remarks is the secretary for general affairs? How can such a secretariat function normally?”

An embarrassing atmosphere is also perceived inside the presidential office, but officially, it is drawing a line in the resignation of Secretary Yoon.

[김대기/대통령실 비서실장]

“For such an act, it’s already… I’d say it’s a price. I think I’ve gotten it all.”

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It is said that the fact that Secretary Yoon is the closest person to the president is playing a role in this background.

Secretary Yoon, who was a prosecutor’s investigator, had a relationship with President Yoon since 1997 and worked together with the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

In addition, while President Yoon served as the Prosecutor General, he served as the head of the operation support division of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and managed the private special activity expenses of the Prosecutor General.

The general secretary is also called the so-called doorknob power, which oversees the finances of the president, such as the budget for activities and government offices.

After all, from the perspective of President Yoon, he is the most powerful aide, and it is observed that the presidential office is not easily able to talk about the whereabouts of Yoon.

However, since the secretary of general affairs is also responsible for the ‘sexual violence prevention education’ in the presidential office, it seems that the controversy over the coming-of-age ceremony over Secretary Yoon will continue.

This is Yoo Seo-young from MBC News.

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