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WhatsApp | Birth Certificate via WhatsApp: UAE Ministry of Health with new plan

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Birth certificates can now be easily obtained by citizens and permanent residents of the UAE. The UAE Ministry of Health has launched a program to make birth certificates available through WhatsApp. The Ministry of Health and Defense (MoAHP) announced the plan last Sunday. Launched on October 17, Gitex Global 2021 Technology Week marked the launch of a number of smart services.

Health Ministry officials said the launch of the new WhatsApp service during GTX Technology Week was part of the UAE Ministry of Health‘s efforts to further digitize its services.

“The new service aims to facilitate the customer experience and improve communication with the public through the use of innovative systems in a smooth and simple manner. The project is part of the Ministry of Health‘s drive to further digitize its services,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Sameer Al Khoury, Director, IT Department, said that the service of issuing birth certificates through WhatsApp has helped customers to have a better experience and meet their needs effectively and quickly. Al-Khouri added that customers can also inquire about other services through the chat service through WhatsApp.

Responds to queries through a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant working with artificial intelligence will respond to queries. Based on the queries it is possible to understand the requirements and check on the existing database.

“The virtual assistant will be able to analyze and evaluate customer needs based on the available data and then answer their queries accurately and conveniently complete the required transactions,” said Sameer Al Khoury. Al-Khouri said the ministry has also designed a number of online services and smart applications as part of its efforts to digitize services for customers.

On Sunday, 50 projects were launched with the aim of comprehensive development in various sectors. As part of this, Sheikh Mohammed wrote on Twitter that a new era of development was beginning in the world and that it would provide golden opportunities for international investors, technologists and those who excel in their respective fields.

He added that the UAE is a country that will ensure better living conditions for its citizens and residents and shape its own development future. Specialization plans include accelerating the country’s economic growth, coordinating measures to ensure the growth of each sector, providing opportunities for investors, intellectuals, educators and technocrats, doubling FDI, making the UAE an international hub of opportunity, expanding digitalisation and shaping further action plans. Organizing karmic events.


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