Wheesung prosecutors admitted to prosecution for “propofol medication”, imprisoned for 3 years

Singer Realslow admitted to taking propofol. [사진=리얼슬로우 컴퍼니]

Singer Whee-seong (real name Choi Hwi-seong 39), who is charged with taking propofol, a sleep anesthetic, admitted to the medication in the first trial.


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According to Andong Branch of the Daegu District Act on the 22nd, it is known that Wheesung admitted most of the prosecution’s charges at the trial held on the 19th for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

He was arrested by the police in December 2019 on charges of administering Propofol several times. After an investigation, it was sent to the prosecution in April of last year with an acquaintance A and the prosecution.

In the process of checking drug-related intelligence, the police detected and investigated the situation where Wheesung had purchased Propofol.

Earlier, Wheesung was found collapsed in a bathroom in a building in Songpa-gu last March. At the time, the police presumed that Wheesung had administered an unknown solution, and conducted a urine simplification test, but the drug test result was negative, so no criminal charges were made.

However, it is said that there was a vial with’Etomy Date’ written on it at the time. It is a white emulsion-based injection in a transparent ampoule, and is a general anesthesia inducer called’second propofol’.

Unlike propofol, etomidate is not classified as a narcotic, but it is known that respiratory arrest may occur if overdose.

Meanwhile, at a trial on the 19th, the prosecution demanded Wheesung three years in prison. The sentence will be held on March 9.

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