When I was caught stealing, I shouted “Give it back”… Pretend to be a victim and ask for help

After the corona, an absurd scene was captured while petty thieves were rampant across the United States.

Do you think you have to be so shameless to do bad things?

It is a shopping mall in Florida, USA.

A man and a woman are arguing over their shopping bags.

They appear to be playing tag, but the woman is a petty thief who got out of the clothing store without paying for her clothes.

The man is a worker in a shop who caught him and chased him out.

Of course, I took the clothes back from the woman, but she was caught stealing, but this woman, very proud, rushed to the worker to ask for it back.

Going further, the woman even shouted for help as if she was being bullied.

When a security guard called, she gave up and ran away.

A similar incident occurred at a grocery store in Colorado.

These days, thieves tend to get out of their way even when the crime scene is discovered, and stores are said to be struggling with countermeasures, such as deploying extra security personnel.

(Screen source: Twitter PPV-TAHOE)