When MBTI 16 Type was in the Harry Potter movie

  • Character example: Lord Voldemort Just like Lord Voldemort A lonely, isolated and highly educated student, he was a Hogwarts elite, and he saw himself as unapproved by Dumbledore. enough compared to his abilities or knowledge He is also a person who does not trust anyone.

7. ENTP — Smart, brave, a talented wizard. Love your comrades even if they have to do the wrong thing and are reckless because of the rage. He was a very arrogant and arrogant wizard. Likes to be the center of attention and create traps to lure enemies into believing they have lost before turning back.

  • Character example: Sirius Black Because Sirius Black believes that every person has their own good and bad sides. It is more important which way we choose.

8. INFJ — He’s a very smart person. believe in doing the right thing love in compromise It is unacceptable when other wizards fight or abuse their powers to persecute the weaker. Foreseeing a better future for the wizarding world and every muggle.

  • Character example: Albus Dumbledore Like Dumbledore hesitant and unafraid to trust others to do the right thing with confidence, not power.

9. ISTJ — Quiet, serious, follow the rules, see the world truthfully. and wants everyone to obey the rules and follow the same rules Be an honest sorcerer trust and trust believe in doing the right thing and respect traditions or traditional culture

  • Character example: Minerva McGonagall Just as McGonagall has always believed in her students that their hearts will guide them in the right direction.
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10. ESFJ — He is a warm-hearted wizard who likes to be social and creates a good atmosphere with everyone nearby. It’s like reminding everyone to work and cast the spell correctly. Works well with others and likes to notice what people around them need to help them.

  • Character example: Molly Weasley same as molly Weasley who will always create a good atmosphere for the Weasley family and good with Harry. Just like Harry’s biological mother.

11. ENFJ — Warm, kind, compassionate and responsible for their own duties in learning feelings and needs of others It’s also a modest wizard. Respect others as well Talk a lot and reveal everything when you’re close. There is also leadership.

  • Character example: Lily Potter same as lily A brave Potter who fought the Death Eaters even at the cost of their lives to protect Harry Potter.

12. ENTJ — Honest, smart, leadership Quickly catch people’s lies and see the overall picture well focus on problem solving development long term goals and the success of the magic world Have fun explaining things to other people.

  • Character example: Draco Malfoy Just like Draco Malfoy knew immediately that Harry Potter told the truth in the Battle of the Goblet of Fire that the person you know is back. while the others kept thinking that Harry was lying.


13.ISFJ — Quiet, shy, introverted, and has a courageous angle and a love of truth. He is a wizard who is very sincere to his own people. I have close friends since my own small group of children. and devoted himself to things that he loves, such as inventing recipes from a book of potions Collecting some magical plants

  • Character example: Neville Longbottom Like Neville Longbottom, he is peaceful and fights for his comrades when needed for his friends at Hogwarts.
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14. ESFP — Beloved by all the wizarding friends in school. Don’t hesitate to annoy others just to entertain all your friends. A lot of help is needed to cast the spell correctly. riding a broom or anything in school in the first year of entry And there is also a lot of curiosity.

  • Character example: Ron Weasley It’s like Ron Weasley who has been dependent on Harry and Hermione since his first year in.

15. ESTP — flexible and patient Doing the wrong thing just for the personal prank and hotness of a hormonal sorcerer’s age and wanting to try to hold the power in his hands. He’s a fun person and has a lot of energy to solve life’s problems.

  • Character example: James Potter same as james Potter teasing Severus Snape repents after meeting Lily Potter.

16. ESTJ — Smart, love the truth leadership Likes to raise his hand to answer the teacher’s questions in class for extra points. Study very well, study very hard. Know every spell written in magic books and memorize the rules and regulations of Hogwarts.

  • Character example: Hermione Granger Like Hermione, who doesn’t hesitate to do the right thing to save Harry. Potter and Ron in the story

For an INFP writer, if the author had been in a Harry Potter movie, the writer would have been comfortable being friends with Luna Lovegood or Neville Longbottom, and probably as a child. A nerd who tries not to fall asleep during class and is probably serious and devoted to a magic that interests him, perhaps to help a dog save a cat from hunger. Or have a place to rest as soon as it rains to avoid being bullied by humans or being abused by larger animals. and must be secretly fed up with Draco Malfoy spending time with Crab and Goyle. to insult muggles or glorify one’s own Sacred Family and may secretly spleen them Harry Potter who has made a story again?

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