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The 2022-23 summer transfer window is exciting, with the likes of Erling Harland and Darwin Nunez forming two exciting opening forwards.

However, the price of a striker who guarantees 30 goals per season like Harland Instead, the price is cheaper than the young French midfielder Aurelian Chouameni, who moved to Real Madrid for an add-on fee of 100 million euros and one that Manchester United are trying to chase for a fee. as different as Frankie De Jong.

Over time, defensive players become more visible and become more valuable. And one of the hearts of today’s football is the reborn position Maestro.

And this is the story of these brain balls. Follow at the Main Stand.

structured football

Football, like anything in the world that never stops, is always changing and moving forward.

A football trend that has been around for a long time, if we’ve seen over the last 10 years, the most expensive players in the world tend to come from almost all attacking positions, considering the 10 players being bought for the price. The most expensive in the world at the moment, nine out of 10 are either forward or attacking midfielder, with only Paul Pogba inserted for a total of €105 million on the day he left United. Ventus joined Manchester United for a world record fee as of 2016.

But back in the last five or six years, defensive positions have become more and more expensive, with up to 10 defenders costing 50 million euros or more. Four of the eight players priced at €70 million and above are Harry Maguire, Virgil van Dijk, Lucas Hernandez and Matthijs de Li. All of the above deals happen after 2018 or back no more than 5 years in total.

Bleacher Report, the famous sports media has written an interesting article on the subject: Such is the evolution of football. Because offensive players are always seen as the stars. They create excitement, decide games and demand attention and enjoyment from the fans and broadcast better than players like defenders, goalkeepers. or a defensive midfielder

But at some point in the day when the format and method of playing football took another step forward. Although the main character on the media page is still the same offensive game player, but the way of playing has changed. The top teams in the world have changed the notion that one player must carry the whole team. They trust the system more. Attacking is not the responsibility of any player. As well as defensive play that has to start with the striker, the first team to make the style known in the world was Barcelona under Pep Guardiola’s birth in the early 2010s. where they put the entire team of players to stand in the opponent’s field Dominate the ball with certainty, difficult to lose the ball. But when the ball is lost, they will immediately start chasing back without waiting for the other side to connect the ball to their own territory.

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The Barcelona approach has become increasingly evident over the past 5 years, 10 years, until now, when the top teams in the world are all trying to play defensively from the top line. Hansi F’s Bayern Munich Lick, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are the list of teams that adhere to their signature-like approach… This does not mean that defensive football or counter-attacking is not a team that will not succeed, but “mostly” of the team that reaches the title of the League or European Championship They stick to the aforementioned offensive and modern football trajectories.

So when you use the whole team except the goalkeeper to stand in the opponent’s field. You need a defensive player who is no longer as good at defensively as in the past. Heavy tackles, good heading, playing as a thump-kicking opponent is no longer enough…

Defensive players must have a certain level of possession of the ball. can pass the ball well Have the ability to play as a team and understand the game at a level that can be done automatically These qualities are added to the defensive players in modern football. And as the quality of these players increases, they become more important to the game. So their price went up. Called in accordance with economic principles in terms of Demand and Supply because there are not many players that are close to perfect … “A good attacking game will win you. But a good defensive game will make you a champion.”

The same is true when football trends change. The position of the footballer has a different way of playing as mentioned above. But some positions are rarely found in football today, such as a defensive midfielder, hardman or playmaker. “Number 10” Naturally, from this observation you will find that the two players above are the type of players that only go one way. That is to say that there is more than 90% defensive duty or more than 90% offensive duty of the game.

and when both positions are players in the middle of the field that are missing A new midfielder was born. This type of player has a specific term known as “Maestro” which literally translates to “Professor in Music” It’s like the cadence of the whole team… Simply put, this new born player is the backbone of modern football.

Birth Maestro

Maestro is a combination of a defensive midfielder and a defensive midfielder at the same time. They stood in front of their own defenders. They are the initiators of distributing the ball to different positions in attack and at the same time they also have to help chase and grab the ball when the opposing team has the ball at their feet.

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“A Maestro player has a very important role. They almost got the most balls on the team. Football off their feet is equally important. Because it is very risky to lose the ball to the opponent and on the contrary it immediately turns defensive into attacking.” Freelance writer Andrew Murray writes in a FourFourTwo magazine article.

“These players only have one moment when they have the ball. In that split second, they had to turn a difficult situation into an advantageous situation for the team. These skills are extremely difficult to achieve. They have to make the perfect move to change the pace of the team play. They read the situation both the position of their team and the situation of the game at the same time.”

Just as you read above, you might be able to imagine that there are two people who started this trend in the world of football visually. The first is Andrea Pirlo and the other is Sergio Bus. Getes, Italy and Spain midfielder respectively, are both qualified. Suitable for being a role model that makes everyone see the best picture by Busquets was previously interviewed about that position.

“My duties are intense. You have to calculate a lot and be quick. which requires a real sense of football and concentration Part of my role is to pass between the defensive and offensive line to make sure the ball travels well and quickly. Often you’re the middleman between the back four and the midfield, so you also have to play defensively. I tried to mark and press it all at once. in order to separate the opposing strikers from their midfield This position requires a lot of sacrifice for the success of the competition.”

backbone of success

As critics and players describe the Maestro position, we can see that they have to have a lot of different qualities in one, and we can see which teams have a good Maestro. The trophy confirms the backbone of this team. Despite being a new born position, it is as important to the team as any other position.

More so today’s football is measured by the intelligence, vision and hard work of a midfielder. You will see more and more of these types of players, although their styles may differ slightly. But these players all have the same main role: controlling the tempo of the game to give the team an advantage every time they chase the ball.

Another new-age maestro that is clearly visible is Manchester City’s Rodri, the Spaniard who is the only defensive midfielder in the team’s midfield but is comfortable with Man City dominating the ball per game. The level is more than 60-70% regularly. In this story Sky Sports has written an article explaining the importance of Rodri in the Manchester City team that this is a player important to the level that Kevin De Bruyne “ace” of the team ever

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“Premier League football ran fiercely against each other. But you watched Rodri do it. He always finds a good position for himself. When he gets the ball it seems he has plenty of time for him to choose what to do.” Gary Neville, Sky’s guru. Begin to explain Rodri’s play.

Pep Guardiola, meanwhile, defines a maestro midfield in modern football as: “The defensive midfield doesn’t have to be chasing the ball the whole game if you’re stuck there. I would like to compare it to sitting in a car. They are like people in the back seat. But they were able to hit other cars with the help of the driver. (Compared to the attacking players who need to help defend the game)”

When everyone comes together in defense, Maestro uses what they do best when the ball hits their feet: using their field of vision, passing sensations and passing the ball across the pitch. They will keep the team from pushing their opponents upside down. This is what makes modern football so demanding on this type of player.

So we will go back to the current market, Aurelian Chouameni, a player who plays in the position. “Number 6” At just 21, at a cost of €100m, Frenkie de Jong, who has been linked with Manchester United, could be set to leave for a second time in a row for at least €80m.

Because football is a sport that requires entertaining the audience along with the success of the results. If you want to advance You have to have someone who can make sure you get the ball to your attacking team throughout the game. A midfielder who can separate the opposing striker from the midfield.

Obviously, the importance of this type of midfield is becoming more and more visible, it is no surprise that midfield players are becoming more expensive. And the players in this position started out of the attacker’s shadow and received their own praise.

If you want to be the top team The first question every club must ask is “Can you beat the middle ground yet?”



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