Home Entertainment When Nigyar revealed that he was forced to win the prize money’N Bread’, he said, “I will return the money”

When Nigyar revealed that he was forced to win the prize money’N Bread’, he said, “I will return the money”

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[인사이트] Reporter Kwon Gil-yeo = Yoo-Yuk-dam, who appeared in the topical YouTube entertainment program’Money Game’, opened up a controversy over the distribution of the winning prize.

On the 16th, Yoo-Yuk-dam explained about the disclosure that Nyagar was forced to distribute the ‘1 in n’prize money through his SNS.

Yoo-Yuk-dam said, “I have never called my sister (Nigyar) a traitor, and I have never asked for a prize money first.” “The relationship between the two is more important and valuable.”

He said, “I just knew that Gary didn’t want to give it to me, and if I had told me that, I wouldn’t have received it.” “I said.

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Yoo Ji-dam said, “I wasn’t saying anything because I thought it was good for money games to come out, but I don’t even know why I even mentioned a problem that wouldn’t have occurred if the older sisters had solved it.” I didn’t even get an explanation. I’m really embarrassed.”

However, to see if the bad comments continue afterwards, Yoo Ji-dam announced that he would return the prize money he received by posting additional posts on social media.

Yoo Ji-dam said, “I thought that the prize money was shared, and I didn’t know the circumstances of Gyar’s sister, and I would give it back. I will give it back to the winners, Ruri and Gary,” he said.

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On the other hand, Nigyar revealed the secret story of sharing the winning prize with the participants while watching the last episode of’Money Game’ on the 15th.

Nigyar confessed that BJ Pie was the first to offer a prize distribution. He explained the situation at the time, saying that he thought that there was no reason to give away a lot of money for leaving Yuuk-dam early, but it was so difficult that he decided to give it out.

However, the pie was also voluntarily withdrawn and the plan was wrong, so he tried not to share the winning prize.

The arrows of criticism of viewers in Nigyar’s revelation are currently heading towards Ilulri, Yujidam, and Pi.


InsightInstagram ‘6gdam’


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