When the lawsuit was filed, they were already secretly together! Johnny Depp isn’t dating female stars this time, and wants to settle down with a “lawyer” – A Day Magazine

At the beginning of this year, when Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard were in a legal case, his sweet actions in court with Camille Vasquez, the female lawyer of the Holy Light, provoked heated discussions among netizens, but only they were both good friends. However, the truth is that Johnny Depp was actually in a relationship with a female lawyer at the time and kept the information under wraps until recently.

Johnny Depp in low key love

The new girlfriend is a “female lawyer” 22 years younger than him

According to “Us Weekly”, Johnny Depp is in a serious relationship with 37-year-old female lawyer Joelle Rich, and the two have a very stable relationship and love each other deeply. The last time the two were photographed together was in May this year. At the time, Johnny Depp was in legal proceedings with his ex-wife Amber Heard, but the two interacted privately outside the court.

Joelle Rich is said to have had no “professional obligation” to participate in the lawsuit at the time, and attended for “personal” reasons only. In the film, Joelle Rich can be seen regularly standing by Johnny Depp’s side as the two appear and leave the courtroom together. In the face of the media taking pictures outside, Johnny Depp did not shy away from wanting to protect Joelle Rich, and his actions were very considerate.

It is said that the two often arranged to meet in “hotels” in the early days of their relationship. Since the lawsuit was pending at the time, the media attention was mainly focused on the content of the lawsuit, not knowing that Johnny Depp was actually quietly in love.

Photos: Dailymail, Ohmymag

Joelle Rich was married once

In 2018, he helped Johnny Depp in a lawsuit

For a while, Johnny Depp’s new object became the center of attention from the outside world. Joelle Rich is married with two children and is currently in divorce proceedings. As early as 2018, Joelle Rich served as Johnny Depp’s defense lawyer and litigated with the British media “The Sun” (The Sun). Although they lost the legal case in the end, it did not affect the relationship between the two.

Photo: Cheatsheet

Earlier this year, the media photographed Joelle Rich happily embracing Camille Vasquez, “Woman of the Light”, after hearing Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. At the time, she was also happy for Johnny Depp.

Photo: ET

This time, Johnny Depp is not in love with female stars, but “lawyers”. Even if he has been hurt by someone he loves, he is still willing to believe in love, interact with each other seriously, and wants to settle down, and he is also asking fans to send blessings and wish him happiness.

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