When will the truth of Room 2701 be revealed?

National football team midfielder Lee Jae-seong (30, Mainz), who led the team to the round of 16 in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, admitted that he used a personal trainer for the World Cup.

Lee Jae-seong mentioned in a blog post on the 26th that he had injured his ankle before the World Cup in Qatar, and then said, “I was sincerely thinking about what I needed to do my best.” As an advanced player, I felt it would be perfect if someone was by my side and healed me completely.”

He continued, “Actually, I knew about it, but I always hesitated. I wondered if the time and money invested in it would be worth it.”

Lee Jae-seong said, “I had massages and treatments every day so that my ankle and condition wouldn’t get worse before going to the World Cup. Thanks to the teacher’s help, I was able to go to the World Cup in a little better condition. ” If it had ended, I don’t know how this great stage would have ended.”

He also said, “Not only me, but also In-beom and Ui-jo got help. It was a teacher who brought me because I needed it, but I wanted other colleagues to get help too. “I couldn’t turn to away This is also a small decision.”

He also said, “Although there were concerns that I could get injured or lose my condition when the teacher was not around, I willingly gave in to my team-mates. The World Cup with my friends Friends A word of thanks was enough,” he explained.

Lee Jae-sung said, “Through this decision, I knew how useful it would be to invest in me in the future. I gained a lot physically and mentally.”

Lee Jae-seong also revealed that he hired a personal trainer. Coaches were invited from Germany, not from Qatar. Teammates also visited Germany and treated Lee Jae-sung.

Ahn Deok-soo, who visited Qatar as a personal trainer for Son Heung-min with Lee Jae-seong, who was treated in Europe, is attracting attention again.

Previously, it was revealed that Deok-soo Ahn, Son Heung-min’s exclusive trainer, managed the physical condition of most Bento players in room 2701 of the Qatari national team accommodation.

After the round of 16 against Brazil, Mr. Ahn Deok-soo said on Instagram, “There was a lot of work in No. 2701, and if you contact reporters about why No. 2701 was created, you will be able to learn more about things beyond to common sense beyond imagination.” I posted something like this.

As the main players of the national team, such as Heung-Min Son and Jae-Sung Lee, used personal trainers and other players were treated in turn, it was once again revealed that there were concerns about whether the players were suspicious of the Football Association- foot during the World Cup. it is expected to be raised again.

It has not yet been revealed whether the dedicated coach is due to the short treatment time due to a lack of manpower at the Football Association or the level and quality of the treatment itself. The Football Association has already launched an investigation into the incident.


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