When Xi Jinping ‘learns to box’ Trudeau: China’s ‘wolf diplomacy’ is rampant

This means that Chinese diplomats will respond harshly and quickly to all accusations from the West.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…at least in the form of an argument.

Beijing will no longer tolerate what China considers defamation against the West. Something like that

In this photo, Xi Jinping faces Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The reporter captured almost every sentence of that tense conversation.

In the clip I sat down to paraphrase, Xi Jinping brought up Prime Minister Trudeau about why the details of the meeting between the two of them were so “dropped to appear in the media.”

Xi Jinping addressed the Prime Minister of Canada:this is not appropriate We don’t do anything like that.” and he added at the end before walking away saying “We have to create the right atmosphere…”

As in a relationship, an environment of trust must first be created.

Meaning: Leader of China “A lecture” said the Canadian leader. The matter is discussed in secret And not having an agreement that it will be published is rude.

showing that the other party is not sincere causing mutual distrust

Because the important thing is “create atmosphere” of mutual trust

Xi Jinping speaks to Trudeau in Chinese A translator is available to assist with live translation.

Word for word of Xi Jinping’s rebuke is

“The issue we discussed that was disclosed to the outside media is not appropriate… if your side is sincere. We should open discussions with an attitude that respects both sides, otherwise it could lead to unpredictable results.”

Western media reported that although Xi Jinping was reprimanding Trudeau, he had a smile on his face.

I looked back at the clip and saw that Xi Jinping was actually smiling, but not very friendly.

It’s like adults scolding people for being reckless, and it’s like learning that mature people don’t do that.

Trudeau did not wait for a Chinese translator to finish translating Xi Jinping’s speech.

He promptly replied, “for Canada We trust in open, honest and free dialogue.”

and added that “We will continue to collaborate creatively. But maybe there are things we don’t agree with.”

Sounds like an excuse. Because Trudeau did not respond to the issues raised by Xi Jinping against him.

The Prime Minister of Canada did not say that. 2 person talking point, why can it be released to the media?

The official media of both sides did not release any details about the exchange between the two leaders.

Trudeau wanted to emphasize that In his conversation with Xi Jinping, he had to say something simple.

Although some issues have a different opinion.

Xi Jinping would have been outraged by news leaking from the Canadian side that Trudeau had criticized China for human rights. and the issue that the Chinese government is violating the basic rights of the people. especially in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

including Taiwan issues

Reuters said that Another point that Xi Jinping is unhappy with could be related to reports from various news agencies Trudeau has expressed concern that the Chinese government may try to interfere in Canada’s internal elections.

Earlier, some Canadian media reported that Canadian intelligence agencies found ‘hidden network’ of a number of candidates who have supported Beijing in previous elections.

The talks between Chinese and Canadian leaders on the sidelines of the G-20 in Bali were not formally held.

But it was an appointment to speak for 10 minutes on Tuesday, November 15.

Because the two countries have had long disagreements on many issues.

Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was detained in Canada in 2018 on charges related to technology data.

The Chinese side later retaliated by retaining two Canadians.

After all, all three were released last year.

the word “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy”or Diplomacy of Wolf Warriors It’s the kind of pa cha da diplomacy that became the norm for Chinese diplomats under Xi Jinping.

The phrase comes from the Chinese action film Wolf Warrior 2 .

This is a very different approach to earlier Chinese diplomacy during the Deng Xiaoping era.

which emphasizes conflict avoidance diplomacy and conflict avoidance rhetoric.

Coming to the era of Xi Jinping, clearly ready to use.Face-to-face diplomacy especially with the West

including retaliation on social media against critics of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party;

as well as Chinese diplomats in different countries Adjust his posture by being prepared to give interviews and respond to all accusations honestly.

When COVID-19 started to spread and the West blamed the virus on China. The Chinese government reacted fiercely.

He highlighted the problem that Western governments were ineffective in dealing with the pandemic and instead blamed China.

Xi Jinping’s demeanor and sly smile in this photo in front of the prime minister. Canada’s Trudeau Reflects on “Diplomacy of Wolf Warriors obviously.

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