“Whenever you leave” Inter fans lose Lukaku

▲ What is the reaction of Inter Milan fans to Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku’s apology?

▲ Lukaku, who was sluggish after returning to Chelsea, recently expressed his affection for his former club Inter through an interview with the media.

▲ The cold Inter Kurva Sud showed a cold reaction to Lukaku saying, ‘It’s more important to have a player who was with us in a storm than a player who ran away on a rainy day’

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Was it because he was too loyal to his former team?

Romelu Lukaku’s interview is a hot topic. This is an interview that turned not only Chelsea fans, but also coach Tuchel and former Inter fans.

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Here’s the situation: Lukaku recently told ‘Sky Sport Italia’ that he was not satisfied with his Chelsea life. That’s not all. He even expressed his excessive (?) affection for his former team Inter.

The good memories of the old team are understandable. In the first public interview, Lukaku sent an apology message to fans saying he was sorry for leaving Inter abruptly. However, it would be unwelcome for Chelsea fans to openly express their intention to return to their former club after half a season after leaving the team.

To make matters worse, Lukaku took offense at his partner Lautaro Martinez, saying, “I miss you. I could die for Lautaro. With him at Chelsea? No, Lautaro, you are at Inter. I will be returning.” it was

Despite Lukaku’s affectionate offensive, Inter fans’ reaction was not cool. The Inter club fan page published the guise of Inter Kurva Sud. The text reads, “It doesn’t matter to us who runs away on a rainy day. What’s important in the storm is what’s left. Goodbye Lukaku.”

It emphasized the importance of the players who stayed with the team even when the team was struggling rather than the players who left when the team was having a hard time.

It was an absurd interview for Chelsea, let alone Inter. Although there is a difference in nuances, it is said that they did not care about the current team because they were too conscious of the old team.

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Coach Tuchel also said at an official press conference, “I don’t like interviews that make noise that we don’t need. It’s not helpful at all.”

Meanwhile, Lukaku left Inter last summer and returned to Chelsea after seven years. At Inter, he had evolved into a ‘complete forward’ under the leadership of Conte, but after the transfer to Chelsea, he was quiet. Although he recently showed his survival from bad news such as injuries and sluggishness, he was in a state of disrepute during an interview during the injury.

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