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Where did the Moutai that has been heavy and difficult to buy from e-commerce go? _platform

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Original title: Where are the Moutai liquors that have been heavy and difficult to buy from e-commerce?

Feitian Moutai continues to increase its volume through e-commerce channels. Are consumers really closer to the original price? On October 31, reporters from Beijing Commercial Daily made appointments to buy Feitian Moutai on four e-commerce platforms: JD.com, Suning.com, Netease Yanxuan, and Xiaomi Youpin, but they were all unsuccessful in the end. The number of non-transparent launches on e-commerce platforms has already become a criticism and has attracted consumers’ discussions.

Lin Feng, chairman of Beijing Cointreau Excellence Consulting Company, said that the platform used Feitian Maotai as a gimmick during the “Double 11” event, as well as an effective means of dissemination and diversion. However, there are a large number of scalpers on the market, using very professional software to rush to buy, which makes it basically impossible for ordinary consumers to buy.

Hard to make an appointment

It is difficult to buy Feitian Moutai, and it is even more difficult to buy Feitian Moutai at the original price. A reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily made an appointment to buy Feitian Moutai on multiple e-commerce platforms, but all ended in a failure.

According to incomplete statistics, many e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Supermarket, JD.com, NetEase Yanxuan, Xiaomi Youpin, etc. all have an appointment to buy Feitian Moutai. There is no need to make an appointment to buy Feitian Moutai at Tmall Supermarket, and it will start buying at 20 o’clock every day. Within 90 days, the same consumer can purchase up to 2 bottles. It is worth noting that the Tmall platform is also the only platform that will announce the daily estimated number of bottles and the actual number of bottles sold in the previous day, while the JD platform, Suning.com, Netease Yanxuan and Xiaomi Youpin only announce the number of reservations.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noticed during the snap-up purchase that the system will display words such as “Too many people snapped up, please try again later” or “Order is being confirmed” on all platforms immediately after the start-up. If it is robbed or the order confirmation fails, the product information will be displayed as out of stock. In fact, not only are ordinary consumers unable to grab it, but the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Insurance Commission also has nothing to gain by snapping up Moutai on seven online shopping platforms.

The Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission stated that how many bottles of Feitian Moutai will be released by snap-up platforms is a concern of many consumers, and most platforms have not announced the number of bottles. Major platforms should openly and transparently let consumers know how much the total volume is, so that consumers can consume clearly.

China’s food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng analyzed that the e-commerce platform made an appointment to buy Feitian Moutai, which is basically impossible for ordinary consumers to grab it. Due to the serious imbalance between supply and demand, the contradiction has become more prominent.

The number of placements is a mystery

Kweichow Moutai frequently increases volume, but it is still difficult for consumers to grab Moutai. According to insiders broke the news, many e-commerce platforms have stated that Feitian Moutai is placed in the store, but the specific amount and the daily amount available for consumers to snap up are not open and transparent, which has caused consumers to question the platform.

Some consumers bluntly said, “The number of each release has become the secret of major platforms. Hundreds of thousands of consumers make an appointment and finally grab a lonely! If only 1,000 bottles are released, I believe more and more consumers will give up panic buying.”

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found when he personally participated in the snap-up purchase that most platforms did not clearly indicate how many bottles of Feitian Moutai were available for consumers to snap-up each day. Only the number of appointments was displayed, and the number of appointments was easily around 140,000. From the perspective of the number of reservations, no matter how many bottles the platform puts on it, it still cannot change the imbalance between Feitian Moutai’s supply and demand.

Industry insiders believe that Feitian Moutai, as the “hard currency” in the liquor market, faces high terminal market prices. Kweichow Moutai is trying to increase the amount of direct sales channels so that more consumers can buy Feitian at the original price. Moutai. This approach can effectively stabilize the price to a certain extent, but the platform that is placed on the platform should make the amount public, so that consumers can clearly consume.

In fact, in addition to the undisclosed and opaque volume of Moutai, the e-commerce platform also has many other problems. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noticed through the Black Cat complaint platform that many consumers said that after they purchased Moutai on the platform, the platform had not shipped them. Some consumers complained that they had purchased two bottles of Feitian Moutai, but only after the arrival of the goods. Received a bottle. Behind the many problems, consumers have also begun to doubt whether the platform’s so-called rush to buy Moutai at the original price is true. Voices similar to “the so-called purchase of Feitian Moutai at the original price is just a guise for the platform to attract traffic” and “the lack of honesty and profiteers, the market where fraud is prevalent” are also one after another among consumers.

Lin Feng said that during certain festivals, the platform’s heavy volume data is not released, which is relatively normal. In this way, the platform can obtain more traffic with low cost, which is a typical festival diversion event.

Improve supervision

Allowing more consumers to buy Feitian Moutai at the original price has always been a problem that Kweichow Moutai wants to solve. After taking office, Maotai’s new chairman, Ding Xiongjun, once again stated that to return Maotai to its commodity attributes, it emphasized that “drinking alcohol should not be fried”. Kweichow Moutai also increased its direct sales channels after cancelling the booking and purchasing of wine at Moutai International Hotel and 100% unpacking. It is understood that Kweichow Moutai’s total injection volume exceeded 8,000 tons this time. However, judging from the current market situation, consumers who cannot buy Feitian Moutai at the original price are still the vast majority.

It is reported that in order to allow more consumers to buy Feitian Moutai at the original price, Kweichow Moutai has also increased its direct sales channels in recent years, and has repeatedly increased the direct sales channels. However, according to the data released by Tmall Supermarket, October 24 From January to the 26th, Tmall supermarket expected to release 1,000 bottles of Feitian Moutai at the original price every day, but the actual sales were 549 bottles, 511 bottles, and 390 bottles. On the one hand, consumers are waiting for the original price to snap up the Feitian Moutai, on the other hand, the actual sales volume is not proportional to the number of products. Behind the series of problems is how Kweichow Moutai supervises direct sales channels.

Zhu Danpeng said that in the future, Kweichow Moutai will definitely increase its sales in direct sales channels as a whole to reduce dealers’ control of Feitian Moutai. However, due to problems such as the design of the benefit chain, it cannot be solved immediately, and it will take some time to continue to improve in the future.

In fact, the online snap-up of Feitian Moutai has been around for a long time, and there has never been a break in the “Tucao” of snapping up Feitian Moutai. At first, consumers were dissatisfied with the high threshold for participating in activities, questioning the platform to trick consumers into filling up members, and then more and more consumers questioned the insufficient number of Feitian Moutai.

Industry insiders said that Kweichow Moutai should increase its supervision of direct sales channels and allow the platform to open the number of platforms. This will not only increase consumers’ trust in the platform, but also allow consumers to understand Kweichow Moutai’s determination to let consumers drink the original price of Moutai. . As Kweichow Moutai continues to strengthen its direct sales channels, there should be more and more activities to buy Moutai online, and the degree of “regularity, fairness, and transparency” will also increase, but it will still take some time.

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