“Where do you suddenly get 200 million?”… The sigh of a housewife who received a sale of an apartment in Dongtan

picture explanationResidents who are about to move into Dongtan Apartments will be hit by the change in KB Bank balance loan standards. [매경DB]

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“I have to pay the balance after one year, but if I change it based on the sale price, the loan amount is not enough. I need to get a loan based on the market price to pay the mid-payment and pay the balance, but where do I suddenly get 200 million won?”

A housewife, Mo Kim, who is waiting to move in after receiving an apartment in Dongtan, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, sighed, saying, “I am unable to enter my house because of a loan.” This is because KB Kookmin Bank decided to change the loanable standard to the lowest amount among market price, appraised value, and presale price when issuing the remaining balance loan from the 29th. Kim said, “Only Kookmin Bank said that it would change the standard for loan balance, but what if other banks that are reducing loans apply this standard as well?” .

Even for those who are preparing for subscription, changing the bank balance loan standard is a ‘crack’. Mr. Lee, an office worker, said, “Some of the complexes these days do not even offer mid-payment loans, but now, if even the remaining loans are reduced like that, ordinary people will have to live in a jeonse for the rest of their lives.” In accordance with the government’s order to manage household debt, some banks have suspended group loans for interim payments following credit loans, and this time they have also begun to reduce the remaining loan limit. The common people, who were blocked from various loans, fell into a ‘panic’ at the sudden reduction of the loan limit.

According to the banking industry on the 28th, from the 29th, Kookmin Bank will change the operating standard for collateral survey price when dealing with group loans related to occupancy loans from ‘KB market price or appraised value’ to ‘the lowest amount among sale price, KB market price, and appraised value’.

In the past, you could get a loan based on the market price when you move in. If the apartment was sold during the bull market that started 4-5 years ago, the market price will rise when you move in, so the loan amount was calculated based on the market price at the time of moving in and the funds were raised. However, it means that the loan will be issued based on the lowest amount among market price, appraised price, and sale price. In other words, even if the market price rises, the loan limit is reduced because the loan comes out based on the low ‘sale price’.

Residents who were about to move in were outraged. According to the Korea Housing Association, it is scheduled to move into a large complex of 2,000 households in Gwonseon-gu, Suwon, and Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, in December. Next year, large-scale apartments with more than 1,000 households must move in from all over the metropolitan area, such as Jinjeop in Namyangju, Gwangmyeong in Gyeonggi, and Dongtan in Hwaseong.

For example, if an apartment is sold for 400 million won in Gyeonggi Province, an overheated speculation district, and the market price is 900 million won at the time of moving in, 40% of the current market price (900 million won) (mortgage loan ratio, LTV 40%), that is, 360 million won Loans are possible. However, according to the changed standard, only 160 million won, 40% of the sale price of 400 million won, can be borrowed. The loanable amount is reduced by 2 billion won.

This standard applies from the 29th of the loan application. Even if you have signed a sale contract with a recruitment notice issued before the 29th, it will be applied if you apply for the remaining loan after the 29th.

If so, what about apartments whose market price exceeds 1.5 billion won at the time of move-in? Homes exceeding 1.5 billion won in speculative overheated districts cannot be loaned out. Some Internet cafes offer loans based on the lower of the market price and the sale price, so it is not possible to borrow an apartment with a market price of 1.5 billion won or more.

Kookmin Bank said, “The availability of a loan is determined by the KB market price. If the market price exceeds 1.5 billion won, a loan cannot be issued. If the loan amount is within 1.5 billion won, it means that the loanable amount is set to the lowest in consideration of the sale price.”

It should also be noted that the ‘sale price’, which is the basis of the loanable amount, is the amount excluding options. Because option costs such as balcony and balcony expansion cost tens of millions of won, end-users responded that “the amount of loan available has decreased and the financial burden has increased because the option cost is separately prepared.”

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