Home Entertainment ‘Where have you been all this time?’, Navya Nair with a photo with the kangaroo

‘Where have you been all this time?’, Navya Nair with a photo with the kangaroo

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Actress Navya Nair has been active on social media lately. Navya Nair shares her experiences with her fans. Navya Nair also answers questions from fans. A photo of Navya Nair is being discussed now. Navya Nair herself shared the photo. Navya Nair shared a photo with the kangaroo.

This is supposed to be a photo taken while traveling in Australia. Navya Nair has written a beautiful caption. Navya Nair writes that he saw me and I saw him. Navya Nair has written about where she has been for so long. It turns out to be an interesting photo shared by Navya Nair. Many fans have come forward with photo comments.

Navya Nair is returning as the heroine in the movie ‘Oruthee’.

‘Oruthi’ is directed by VK Prakash.

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