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“Whether to stop using the Philips positive pressure device should be decided after consulting with the medical staff”

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Regarding the Philips Korea positive pressure ventilator, which the government has recommended to discontinue, the Korean Society of Sleep Medicine has recommended ‘carefully discontinue after consulting with medical staff’ to minimize confusion between patients and medical staff.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recommended on the 12th to stop using polyurethane, which is used for noise prevention parts of Philips Korea positive pressure respirator, saying that particles or gases generated by decomposition under special circumstances may be harmful to the human body.

The device model names are ▲Omnilab Advanced + ▲DreamStation CPAP ▲DreamStation CPAP Pro ▲DreamStation Auto CPAP ▲DreamStation BiPAP Pro ▲DreamStation Auto BiPAP ▲DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV.

No other fatal side effects other than cough, headache, or sinus inflammation have been reported with these products. According to Philips, the proportion of patients complaining of powder-related abnormalities is 0.03% of all users in 2020.

In response, the Society of Sleep Medicine recommends “repair or replacement according to the guidance of Philips Korea for patients currently using positive pressure ventilators imported from Philips Korea.” On the other hand, “If you do not receive a separate call from the company, Philips Korea (080- 500-0004) to check if the device needs repair or replacement.”

In particular, it is recommended that the decision to discontinue the current positive pressure ventilator should be made after consulting with the attending physician if possible before necessary repairs or replacements are made.

The Society of Sleep Medicine said, “Depending on the circumstances of each patient, stopping the positive pressure breathing apparatus may be more harmful to health. In addition, high-temperature, high-humidity environments are also known to increase decomposition, so please be careful.”

To the medical staff, “The doctor who prescribes the positive pressure ventilator recommends that the patient connect to Philips Korea if the device is the relevant product.” “Whether or not to continue using the positive pressure ventilator until replacement is made depends on the severity of sleep apnea (apnea- We ask that you make a clinical judgment in consideration of hyporespiration index, oxygen saturation, sleep efficiency), accompanying symptoms (risk of work or accidents due to drowsiness), and accompanying cardiovascular disease.”

The Society of Sleep Medicine said, “If there is severe sleep apnea or cardiovascular disease, or if there is a high risk of an accident due to severe drowsiness, it may be necessary to maintain rather than discontinue.” “If there are no complications and the symptoms are mild or mild sleep apnea, replace the device. Treatment may be temporarily suspended until the end of the year,” he said.

He added, “It is still too early to determine the exact level of risk,” adding, “If new information is added in the future, the above recommendations may be changed.”

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