Which award should be given to Lijomol ?: Praise be to KK Shailaja

The Tamil film ‘Jai Bheeme’ is a bloody edition of human life, says former minister KK Shailaja. According to Shailaja, Lijomol was seen in the role of Joseph Sengini in the film.

K.K. Shailaja’s words:

Jai Bhim is a bloody chapter in human life. It is a direct reflection of the feudal caste discrimination and state terrorism that still exists in India. In many parts of the world, we see the tragedy of inhumane domination. Severe police-repression is an example of how the human mind can wander to the most brutal levels when not even a speck of contribution is awakened in the mind.

During the Emergency, the country’s prisons and police stations were the scene of a series of terrorist attacks in Jaibhim. Despite the long years of independence and the existence of an egalitarian constitution drafted under the leadership of Ambedkar, the poor have not been able to come to light due to the flaws in India’s governance policy.

Gnanavel’s film is based on the true experiences of Justice Chandru, a communist, who fought for the poor. Lijomol was transfigured as Joseph Sengini.

It’s enough to give any award for identifying with the character so much. The presence of a strong female character enhances the height of the film. Prakash Raj and those who portrayed the negative characters of the police are all better than each other.

The real Chandru (Justice Chandru) who said that Marx brought me to Ambedkar becomes the pride of the country. Thanks to Surya and Jyothika for making this film that shakes the human conscience.



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