While watching together, Tak Mayura agrees to show her forehead in the middle of the show for the first time.

Recently referred to reveal the reason with Numam Suriwipha and open the hair to show the forehead clearly In the middle of the list, Mother’s table Ready to reveal the secret of the heroine in the past Don’t get a lover. and what to do when there is love

A legendary star?
You must be beautiful before leaving the house because Mi Pisamai used to say when leaving the house, don’t wear brown lipstick. and have to wear A face must have powder, a face must be clear, which we always remember and think it is. which he did not teach us alone

There are many people who say about this story, including Ayo Aed, as forbidden sandals to wear or they must be beautiful to wear. And must have a little heel with sparkling diamonds. It is said that if it is not beautiful, no one will see us at all. But what is indispensable is the comb.

legend of bangs Do I have to carry a comb all the time?
We are people who lack confidence in ourselves. Because we cannot do other hairstyles, we have to take care of straight hair, shiny hair, and take care not to cut the bangs. And we’ll carry the crest all the time, not torn at all

The heroine of all time?
We started coming into the industry at the age of 16. In the past, we had to have pants to improve the thighs. Because at that time, I didn’t have many stumps. And the heroine of those days had to be neat and cute. The main character must drink orange juice. and he can’t have a girlfriend If you have a girlfriend, you have to hide in the car. But today’s heroines are confident. After work, let’s go to a period wine party.

The work was published overnight?
You can call every story from Khun Dok Den, which made me remember that he was famous in every story and then faded until he became very famous. which at that time we were so famous that there were imitators For example, Mum went to buy bangs in order to look like P’Tak.

The reason for never opening the bangs?
Someone asked us to open the page once, but after opening, it didn’t survive. he said, but not how loud And we also felt that he had not survived. But what is this about physiognomy? (Open the bangs to see in the middle of the live program) Can’t you see it’s not pretty? ordered to close my hair as usual)

How many male presenters have you passed?
Bird Thongchai, Sam Yuranan, Panya Nirankul, Thongchai Prasongsanti, like Bird created an impression that he was with us when he was not famous. Until one day he wants to follow his dream to sing successfully. He is considered a determined person. Stay with me and have fun all the time

As for Sam, he will be a man who looks handsome like a prince, when fans come, they will have food for you. As for Thongchai, it will be younger. They will look scared of us. but stay with me and have fun because a natural person These three will never be the same.

In the end, Wisdom is the elder, he will issue a guide. Got a lot of information and inspiration from him. He is the person who has worked with him for the longest time, over 20 years.

A new role as a grandmother?
I love my nephew. But you Nui will be more excited. The main duty of looking after grandchildren will be sugar. We will mostly send money. Now it’s almost time to go to school and have to prepare money for semester fees. I want him to study internationally and feel that if he could go back, he wouldn’t have brought up his grandchildren like this because we were too fierce and put ourselves in At first I didn’t know that Khun Nui was the one who told me

When it comes to sugar, they will raise their children freely. won’t you scold the ball as if he were taking what he saw as a model when raising children Let’s say that it causes us great distress. but he had to pretend not to see because he is his son that we are looking after from afar

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