Whip 2 Receiving Department urge the council to vote The decree dismantling the NCPO order, the NCPO, was booed by three fingers.

At 18:00 on November 30, reporters reported that at the public square On the side of the National Assembly Building, Kiakkai Intersection, the Internet for People’s Law (ilaw) Project, and the People Go network organized an activity “Together with the People, Dismantling the NCPO’s Heritage” to show the power to call on the House of Representatives to adopt the principles of drafting laws for the people. to dismantle the legacy of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) or cancel announcements and orders NCPO that violates human rights principles and democracy

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After finishing the discussion A representative from the event organizers submitted a statement asking the council to accept the draft. The said Act for further consideration. Mr. Chinnawan Boonyakiat MP Nakhon Si Thammarat Democratic Party (PDP) as Vice Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the Coalition Party (Whip the Government) Mr. Issara Sereewatthanawut List of MPs Democratic Party and Mr. Sutin Klangsang MP Maha Sarakham Pheu Thai Party (PA) as chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the Opposition Party (Whip the opposition)

Mr. Chinnawan said The chairman of the Council places great importance on the proposals of the people’s sector in accordance with the fundamental rights of this Constitution. or even a figure Order Amendment Act NCPO in matters that are contrary to human rights and democracy principles At the moment, the said draft is on the agenda of the Council’s meeting number 5.6, which the council meeting is in accordance with the agenda set by the chairman of the council. On December 1, there will be an urgent matter. Draft regulations for the meeting of the Council of 7 matters proposed. Subsequently, it will consider the various bills, which he cannot confirm how much time each draft law will take for consideration. but confirmed that it was already in agenda 5.6, when it was completed by the end of the term, it would definitely consider this agenda in the council Confirm that in the past we had to amend this law that proposed to cancel the order. The NCPO has already made some orders. The proposal is, of course, a fundamental right that fellow members of parliament should continue to hear widely.

while Mr. SutinSaid that the draft bill will be considered tomorrow or not, he thinks 50:50, but will definitely consider next week, understands his intention and does not have to ask whether the opposition will agree or not. Not in this law we are waiting for. because the problem is not with us All opposition parties can confirm that we have already approved this law, so we can be confident that we have accepted the principle in the first term. Using excessive laws that threaten people’s liberties which will offer to postpone He was confident that the meeting would agree.

Reporters reported that After receiving the book While Mr. Chinnawan and Mr. Issara were on their way back It appears that some people who participated in the activities in the public courtyard held up 3 fingers and shouted and cheered. Until Mr. Chinnawan and Mr. Issara got back into the car.


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