White Galingale Extract Shows Promise as a Potential Drug for COVID-19, According to Pharma Research

Pharma Accelerates Development of White Galingale Extract as Promising COVID-19 Drug

A breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19 has been unveiled. Pharma, a renowned pharmaceutical company, recently revealed that their research has discovered the potential of “Kaempferia extract” to inhibit the growth of the virus. Building on this success, they are now accelerating the development of white galingale extract as a potential drug for COVID-19 treatment. Emphasizing reliability and adherence to international standards, Pharma is prioritizing the study of the correct dosage and safety measures for the appropriate use of this extract.

Prominent Recognition for Groundbreaking Research

The stage was set at the 20th National Herb Expo on June 30, 2023, where a highly competitive academic works competition showcased remarkable studies on traditional Thai medicine, folk medicine, and alternative medicine. Among the numerous outstanding competitors, one research project stood out. Titled “Research and Development of Galingale Extract for Clinical Use against COVID Infection,” the project was presented by the distinguished Assoc.Prof.Dr Pisit Khemawut from the Chakrin Naruebodindra Medical Institute at the Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Pisit Khemawut revealed captivating findings in his presentation, highlighting the anti-infectious effects of white galingale and its potential in treating COVID-19. The research has paved the way for further exploration, demonstrating that white galingale extract can effectively impede the growth of the virus.

Elevating Herbal Medicine through Clinical Research

Assoc.Prof.Dr Phisit Khemawut expressed the significance of clinical research in enhancing the credibility of herbal medicine. He emphasized that relying solely on pre-clinical or in vitro studies without human usage data would impede the application of experimental results in foreign countries. While Thai herbs may be well-known locally, it is vital to establish clinical data that conforms to international standards. By doing so, the credibility of Thai herbal medicine can be bolstered on a global scale.

Additionally, while discussing the utilization and future development of clinical trial results for the greater benefit, Assoc.Prof.Dr Phisit Khemawut pointed out a practical example. During the Delta COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals faced overwhelming challenges in accommodating all patients. However, if reliable research identifies effective herbs such as Andrographis paniculata for preventing COVID-19-induced pneumonia, patients can administer these remedies at home. This would substantially alleviate the burden on hospitals while empowering patients to proactively take care of themselves.

Understanding Potential Side Effects

It is crucial to address potential side effects when exploring the use of herbal medicines. One study, examining the “Ginger Selection,” found that the majority of these herbal remedies posed no problems. However, it is important to note that galingale extract contains not only virus-inhibiting substances, but also essential oils, constituting approximately 40% of its composition. These essential oils have a carminative effect and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, excessive consumption of “King Krachai,” a form of galingale, can result in diarrhea, particularly for individuals with pre-existing mild gastrointestinal symptoms. It is recommended that caution should be exercised in the consumption of this herb to avoid exacerbating any existing symptoms.

Pharma revealed that the research found that “Kaempferia extract” can inhibit the growth of COVID. Now accelerating the development of white galingale extract to be used as a drug for COVID-19 And the information must be reliable and meet international standards. Including studying the safety of the correct amount for appropriate use.

On June 30, 2023, at the 20th National Herb Expo, the stage of the academic works competition on herbs Traditional Thai Medicine Folk Medicine and Alternative Medicine This year there are competitors. and has been selected for research awards by various agencies One of which is interesting research. “Research and development of galingale extract for clinical use for anti-Covid infection” presented by Assoc.Prof.Dr Pisit KhemawutChakrin Naruebodindra Medical Institute Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University He revealed in some chapters that white galingale has anti-infectious effects and can help treat COVID. Because research has found that white galingale extract can prevent the growth of COVID.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phisit Khemawut said that Mr If you ask how important clinical research is to raise the level of herbal medicine….it is very important because if we study only Pre-clinical or in vitro. But there is no real human usage data. We will not be able to apply these experimental results to other countries, even if we are familiar with Thai herbs but foreign countries are not familiar with them. Therefore, if there is no clinical data to confirm it We will not be able to use it abroad. We need to make the data reliable and meet international standards. Which, if we can do it and the results are good, will increase the credibility of Thai herbs internationally.

Regarding the results of clinical trials, how they are used or how they are further developed for the overall benefits….. for example During the Delta COVID pandemic It is seen that the hospital cannot accommodate all patients. If we have research results on good herbs like Andrographis paniculata that help prevent COVID patients from getting pneumonia. Patients do not need to come to the hospital administrator. Therefore, it will obviously reduce the burden on the hospital and patients will be able to take care of themselves better as well. So if we have reliable research that can tell patients that When it’s COVID, taking Andrographis paniculata or herbal medicine will help alleviate the symptoms.

however From research studies on the use of herbal medicines “Ginger Selection” They found that the majority of them had no problem. But some of the problems encountered In the galingale extract, there is no virus-killing substance alone. But there are also essential oils. which is attached to about 40%, it has a carminative effect and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, “King Krachai” if eaten too much can cause diarrhea, which is considered a side effect of the herb Krachai. Therefore, patients with mild gastrointestinal symptoms or who are already ill should eat carefully and not overeat as it can worsen their symptoms.

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