White House Chief of Staff-designate: Biden will sign 12 executive orders to revoke a number of Trump administration policies on his first day in office (12:53)-20210117-International-News

Biden will announce an immigration plan to provide millions of illegal immigrants with a way to obtain citizenship, as well as a $1.9 trillion new coronavirus vaccination and economic stimulus plan, which needs to be approved by Congress. He will also lift entry bans on many Muslim countries, extend the repayment period of federal student loans, suspend redemptions and evictions, and force people to wear masks when traveling across states and entering federal government buildings.

Klein said that more “first-day commitments” measures will be implemented within 9 days after being sworn in, including expanded testing for the new crown virus, and the government will give priority to purchasing goods made in the United States.

(Reuters/AFP/Central News Agency)

Biden’s political platform: Comprehensive free new crown virus testing, setting up investment funds to help minorities (November 1, 2020)

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