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Happy birthday to 2019 Hall of Famer Harold Baines!

Here are 60 facts about the legend of White Sox to commemorate the occasion.

1. Baines was first discovered by Bill Veeck, who then was owned by White Sox, as a small 12-year series of old in Maryland

2. Baines was drafted as 1st full in the 1977 MLB. It is one of two full picking 1 in White Sox history. The other was Danny Goodwin in 1971, who failed to sign him after being drafted by the Sox, but signed when the first of these were drawn by the Angels in 1975.

3. Baines, the first full pick in 1977, was co-workers with the first full pick:

1974 Almon Bill (drafted by Padres, collaborating with White Sox) t

1976 Floyd Bannister (drafted by Astros, teammates with White Sox)

1981 Mike Moore (drafted by Mariners, collaborating with A's) t

1985 B.J. Surhoff (drafted by Brewers, teammates with Orioles)

1989 Ben McDonald (drafted by Orioles, colleagues with Orioles)

4. Baines is one of three full # 1 pickings in the Hall of Fame, along with Ken Griffey Jr (1987) and Chipper Jones (1990).

5. Baines made her MLB Debut in the White Sox 1980 season open box against Orioles at Commission Park. Her first career plate against the Famer Hall was Jim Palmer.

6. Baines was in charge of the AL in a percentage of slugging in 1984 (.541)

7. Baines maintains the MLB record for the latest run (intellectual) home run – 25th search on May 9, 1984, at the end of a game that started the previous day. The park was 753rd of the game.

8. Three of the first eight MLB careers were from the Farmers' Hall in the future. Jim Palmer (1st), Gaylord Perry (6th), Fergie Jenkins (8).

9. There were 113 RBI at Baines in 1985 … and 103 RBI in 1999. Between 1986 and 1998, a 100-RBI season had at least 128 different players, but not Baines.

10. These people seem to be starting on the mound as collaborators: Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Mike Mussina, Dwight Gooden, Fernando Valenzuela, Bartolo Colón & Mark Buehrle … and many more.

11. The sacrifice flew from a flight from Ed Vande Berg of Mariners to AL West funded 17 September, 1983

12. Was DH starting 5th for Rangers June 11, 1990 – 6th hitter Nolan Ryan.

13. Meet 6th in the order for the Orioles, behind Cal Ripken on September 6, 1995 – the day Ripken played in his game 2,131u row, breaking the MLB record.

14. Baines is the only player in White Sox history to run 3 home to win in a game twice. July 7, 1982 and September 17, 1984. He met 3 HR in a game for A's May 7th, 1991

15. Baines is the only player in MLB history who has a 100-RBI season before his age season 25 A AND A aged 40 (or older) season (age season is defined as a player's age on 30 June).

16. Baines won a 14-hour pitch in her career 2,830 MLB. In 2018, 13 players had 14 or more HBPs, including Jon Jay, who worked outside the Sox (who shares Baines' same birthday on the same March 15) of which 18 had .

17. Eight Ryan played 2 home town players.

Dick Allen, Jim Wynn, John Briggs, Graig Nettles, John Mayberry, Duane Walker, Mike Greenwell & Harold Baines, who made it on June 8, 1989.

18. Baines launched solids .272 / .350 / .450 slashline with 36 HR in 263 games after her 40th birthday.

19. The White Sox retired Baines # 3 on August 20, 1989. He was only 30 years old, 158 days of age. He played 1,432 games (and 27 in the season in the post) after he quit his number with the White Sox.

Some retirement dates change and I have to use the best judgment to determine the most accurate dates, but here is a fun list:

Most of the games a player plays after he quit his number.

the team to quit the number

1,432 Harold Baines

White Sox

1,206 Eddie Murray **


479 Frank Robinson

Orioles (Reds & Indians left the numbers afterwards)

147 Robin Roberts


20. Baines had 2,866 career hits. 46th in MLB history. 45 Babe Ruth is a native of Maryland with 2,873 people on the list.

21. Baines (2,866 hits) had more than some people outside the Hall of Hero, including Ken Griffey Jr (2,781), Andre Dawson (2,774), Billy Williams (2,711), Ted Williams ( 2,654) & Reggie Jackson (2,584)

22. Best percentage of profession on the basis of Baines' .356 than Ichiro's (.355)

23. Baines occupation percentage .465 slugging is better than Cal Ripken's (.447)

24. White Sox sculpture in Baines honor on July 20, 2008.

25. Baines is one of only 12 players in MLB history with 20 or more seasons of two-digit home races. The list: Henry Aaron (23), Carl Yastrzemski (22), Barry Bonds (21), Stan Musial (21), Ken Griffey Jr (20), Cal Ripken Jr (20), Eddie Murray (20), Dave Winfield ( 20), Reggie Jackson (20), Willie McCovey (20), Al Kaline (20) & Baines (20)

26. Seven seasons with 20+ AD with White Sox – most in the history of the poor franchise; 3rd overall (13 by Konerko, 11 by Thomas)

27. 221 HR and 981 RBI are vocational records for clergy.

28. Six-star all-weather 1985-87 & 1989 (representing White Sox), 1991 (which represents A's), 1999 (representing Orioles).

29. On a long-term 19-game streak in September 1983

30. Is the oldest White Sox player with postseason hit. 2000 ALDS, Game 3 (41 years, 205 days for age)

31. .289 The best medium of batting career is Eddie Murray (.287) or David Ortiz (.286)

32. There are always 384 11-year-old careers in League of American staff

33. Drop 15 runs from Men's Hall (10 different children – Jim Palmer, Gaylord Perry, Fergie Jenkins, Don Sutton, Phil Niekro, Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Jack Morris, Dennis Eckersley & Roy Halladay). He met an extra homer from Jack Morris in the postal season.

34. Total 17 in different Farmers Hall; career line was .276 / .331 / .431 against them (including postseason)

35. Baines is one of three players in MLB history and 1,000 careers as DH and the field, as well as Paul Molitor & Chili Davis.

36. Baines is one of four White Sox players with three 20-AD seasons through the 25-year season, with Bill Melton, Frank Thomas & Paul Konerko.

37. Baines is one of three White Sox players with a 100-RBI season in her 23-year or younger season. He had 105 RBI at the age of 23 in 1982. The others are Frank Thomas (109) & Robin Ventura (100) both at age 23 in 1991

38. Baines is the only player in White Sox history with 25+ home race and 10+ tripled in season – 29 HR, 10 3B in 1984

39. He met more career home against Blue Births (38) than any other team.

40. In the 31 postseason career games, he met .324 / .378 / .510 with 5 HR and 16 RBI … despite the fact that he started his postseason career 0 out of 14.

41. Through 2001 (its final season), Baines was the MLB leader in DH games (1,643) who were always working and the home runs as DH (236). It has passed in both categories since.

42. Gaylord Perry (born 9/15/1938) and Kyle Lohse (born 10/4/1978) were facing Baines in his MLB career. The plate appearance against Lohse appeared on the final MLB Baines plate.

43. Baines is connected to the second largest career town that runs in the history of Old Parkkey Park (88; attached to Bill Melton), behind Carlton Fisk only (94)

44. The White Sox son of Harold, also Harold, drafted in the 45th round in 2009.

45. Baines ran a home franchise record held White Sox (attached for or completely) from July 21 1987 to August 17, 1990, when Carlton ran Fisk Baines with a White Sox home house # 187.

46. ​​Harold MLB's final career was starting as DH on June 14, 2001 against the Germans. Deion Sanders was against the DH.

47. Baines did not hit 100+ times in season but once (109 in 1988). He met 90+ times in just two times (1988 and 1982, when he hit 95 times out).

48. Four players in the MLB history had four home season seasons / 40 season medals stolen. Baines is not one of them. But he had more three-dimensional career (49) than three of the four. Alex Rodriguez (31), Alfonso Soriano (31) & Jose Canseco (14)

49. There were more recovered medals at Baines (34) than Joe DiMaggio (30).

50. Baines is the 7th day in the history of the American League in the games played (2,830). Three of the top 7 were born in Maryland (Cal Ripken is the 1st, Al 6th Kaline, Baines 7th).

51. Baines is the 6th time all among Maryland-born players during the town – Babe Ruth (714), Jimmie Foxx (534), Cal Ripken (431), Mark Teixeira (409), Al Kaline (399) ), Baines (384).

52. Baines' most frequent victims at home were Charlie Hough & Todd Stottlemyre (5 each).

53. Regular seasons at Baines (32) had more hits on Roger Clemens than on any other hatch.

54. Was White Sox starting at the forefront of October 5, 1980 – made the game Minnie Miñoso his last MLB career shape (he met it). He was later colleagues with Frank Thomas (1996-97, 2000-01), and Paul Konerko (2000-01). Baines worked with Minnie Miñoso (born 11/29/1925) and Jon Garland (born 9/27/1979).

55. It was declared every 9 January as "Harold Baines Day" in his hometown of MD Michaels MD.

56. Was Hitter of the Year Nominated from the American League in 1987 & 1988

57. Baines belonged to 12 MLB managers. Tony La Russa (with White Sox & A), Doug Rader (for 2 games), Jim Fregosi, Jeff Torborg, Bobby Valentine, Johnny Oates, Phil Regan, Terry Bevington, Davey Johnson, Ray Miller, Mike Hargrove (with Indians & Orioles) & Jerry Manuel

58. Baines are 65th in MLB history with its 384 career home race.

59. The player is not hit by 30 in the second best season with Baines 384 during careers.


** Some sources note that in 1998 Murray was retired in Jersey, although I believe that the Orioles did it shortly after the deal with the Dodgers. As for this list, I believe the date before season 1989. There is a great resource here: http: //exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/numbers.htm which gives a date on March 2nd, 1989. Mentioned in Chicago Tribune training report The next day that “Eddie Murray's No. 33 left the Orioles will retire this season,” the team announced.

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