White Seo, Jeon Ji-hyun’s face, Lee Da-hee’s height.. Very famous

[OSEN=장우영 기자] Singer and actor Im Chang-jung’s wife, Seo Ha-yan, had a very famous beauty.

On the 11th, Seo Ha-yan posted a photo on her Instagram story.

In the published photo, Seo Ha-Yan seems to be waiting for a meal in a restaurant. As her name suggests, Seo Ha-Yan wears a white dress and spends time taking pictures, creating an atmosphere of ‘ super-celeb’ and overwhelming the eyes of the viewers.

Seo Ha-Yan showed her beauty with her appearance similar to actress Jeon Ji-Hyun. He admired her beauty and body like a celebrity even more than a celebrity.

Meanwhile, Seo Ha-Yan is married to Lim Chang-Jung and they have 5 sons. /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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