White sneakers for men 2022, cool and stylish, can match any look.

White sneakers for men 2022, which pair is interesting? Anyone looking for good-looking, easy-to-match sneakers that can go with every style, we’ve come to recommend.

When it comes to shoes which are most popular among men. seems inevitablecanvas shoes Because it is comfortable to wear, flexible, running or walking does not hurt your feet.men’s sneakersThere are many different types, but still.white sneakersIt is still a great choice as it is easy to match with any outfit. and can be worn on any occasion For anyone looking for a new pair of shoes. Today, the jar dot com is going to give you a few tips on how to look good in white sneakers, including some tips.White sneakers for men 2022 together

white sneakers Items that every man should have

There are hundreds of sneakers in the market to choose from. But why are white sneakers an item that men should have? This is the reason

  • Goes with all kinds of clothes – Whether wearing a t-shirt, jeans, suit, jacket, shorts or any look White sneakers can go with all those clothes.

  • a timeless classic – No matter what era White sneakers can always be picked up without fear of going out or out of date.

  • look polite – Because white shoes are not flashy colors. So it looks polite Can be worn to work or to important events comfortably.

How to wear white sneakers to look good

Although white sneakers can go with any style of clothing. But we have a few tricks to make wearing white sneakers look twice as good.

  • Don’t wear white sneakers with white pants. – Unless you’re wearing a White look because wearing white sneakers and white pants gives you a nurse-like feel. especially with trousers But if it is shorts, it is enough to be able to yuan.

  • Choose low-top socks or socks that don’t show ankles – It’s cool to see guys wearing leggings. Show your ankles a little with white sneakers. Because wearing high socks, it will give you an uncle-like feeling. (except if you wear sneakers High socks should be worn to reduce friction), however, socks are not recommended. Because it can cause dampness and make your feet smell.

  • Always try to keep your shoes clean. – Everyone knows, white shoes get dirty very easily. But keeping your shoes clean will make them look even more refined. Let go of the surprise of wearing white shoes to turn gray. And cleaning your shoes often will make them look much better.

Know the advantages and how to wear white sneakers to look good. Let’s look at that. white sneakers for men Will there be any interesting couples?

1. Nike Air Force 1 Mid Reaction

White sneakers with cool design ankle boots. Modern comfort meets legendary basketball style. The sole provides cushion, softness and springiness. Padded collar and tongue add softness. Comfortable to wear for a long time Price 5,400 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

photo credit: nike.com

2. Adidas Zntasy Lightmotion

Casual sneakers with Lightstrike cushioning will help you move forward with ease. while the rubber cupsole provides strength and flexibility. The upper part of the shoe is made from recycled materials and contains at least 50% recycled materials. The design is smooth and looks good, suitable for any situation. Price 3,600 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: adidas.co.th

3. Chat Chuck 70 Desert Patchwork

This brand of sneakers has a classic sneaker design that many young men love. For this particular model, the color in addition to being white There is also gray and cream mixed in. inspired by the color of the desert The shoe is made of denim twill. Made from at least 60% recycled material. Varnish rubber sole and cotton laces Soft padded insole Help to be comfortable. Price 3,000 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: converse.co.th

4. Onitsuka Tiger Petal Unisex Shoes

Take a break from the original design with these classic Court Style ankle length sneakers. The material is white leather and it has a cool strap. It can be matched with a variety of clothing styles. The insole is mixed with memory foam. Improves comfort when wearing The sole has good adhesion to the ground. Women can wear this model, and men can wear it well, and the price is 6,900 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: onitsukaticer.com

5. Lacoste Men’s Carnaby Evo Platinum Leather Sneakers Details

Stylish white sneakers Suitable for young people who love to dress up. It comes in light textured color block leather with a metallic logo on the back. and a metal crocodile logo on the side There is a hole under the brand’s unique logo. Upper made of leather and synthetic materials, comfortable to wear, lightweight, suitable for all looks Price 3,950 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: lacoste.co.th

6. Reebok Royal Techque Men’s Casual Shoes

Casual white sneakers that come with a cool low cut design. The upper part is made of soft leather. Designed to support and improve stability on the sides. Removable OrthoLite® sockliner provides long-lasting cushioning and breathability. Can perfectly match different styles of outfits Price 2,390 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: reebok.co.th

7. Superga 2843 Club S Cap Buttersoft

White unisex sneakers inspired by tennis shoes. Round toe and sleek back in soft butter leather and leather upper. The sole is made of natural rubber, soft and comfortable, supports the weight well. Upper made of leather Called another shoe that can match every look, the price is around 4,800 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo from: superga.com

8. Skechers Sketch-Lite Pro Sports Shoes 232591-WBK

White sneakers with a sporty design suitable for active men. The top is lined with mesh fabric. good ventilation Mesh upper A black synthetic leather overlay has been added to enhance the coolness of the insole with soft and comfortable memory foam. Good impact resistance The outsole is very flexible, can be worn on a casual day or can be worn for exercise, price 2,290 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo credit: skechers.co.th

9. DAYBREAK Viride-Seventy

White sneakers by HANDCRAFT designed to be classic, simple, with little style. The front of the fabric is made from leather parts and genuine Soft Full Grain hemp fabric. The insole is designed to support the foot. Helps distribute weight, soft, comfortable, no foot pain, walking all day is not tiring. The top sheet is made of hemp fabric with antibacterial properties. reduce odor prevent foot odor The sole adheres well to the ground. It is also durable, price 2,450 baht.

White sneakers for men 2022

Photo from: daybreak-naturewear.com

Every pair of men’s white sneakers is quite cool and stylish. Suitable for everyday wear This event saw young people looking for a new pair of sneakers. You have to take it as an option.

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