White Strongman II|Tang Shiyong’s wedding will be simple

Tang Shiyong hopes that her marriage can be kept simple.

Tang Shiyong and Zhang Xiwen attended the promotion of “White Strongman II”. He mentioned that Shiyong will be Huang Jiale’s brother tomorrow. He said that everyone was looking forward to Jiale’s wedding and threatened to help Mrs Huang in the future.qualityfriend. She admits that getting married under the epidemic is not easy, knowing thatJiale’s marriage is full of stress. Shi Yong expressed her hope that when she married Ma Guoming, the ceremony would not be too early, and she also believed that her ideal wedding would be as simple as possible.

Zhang Xiwen admitted that she had the idea of ​​getting married.Zhang Xiwen admitted that she had the idea of ​​getting married.

Zhang Xiwen admitted that she had the idea of ​​getting married.

Zhang Xiwen joked that she could introduce foreigners to Shiyong, but it didn’t suit her taste. Talking about whether Zhang Xiwen and her boyfriend are in a stable relationship, will they consider marriage, she admits that she has never been interested in marriages.unstablewake upbut she has changed her mind in recent years. Her boyfriend also mentioned marriage plans to her, saying that if she gets married in the future, everything will be simple, and you can fly to other places to sign papers.

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