WHO “Corona surges like a tsunami”… France likely to exceed 200,000


Tomorrow will be just two years since COVID-19 was first reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Vaccines and treatments have emerged, but now the spread of COVID-19 is the most severe in two years.

The WHO said that the number of confirmed cases is increasing like a ‘tsunami’ due to the simultaneous spread of Delta and Omicron.

In France, the number of confirmed cases is expected to exceed 200,000.

This is a report by Correspondent Kim Gwi-soo of Berlin.


In the past two years, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is about 283 million.

About 200 million people have been infected this year.

The cumulative death toll is about 5.43 million, which is more than 1.8 million last year and double that number this year.

Recently, there are more than 1.2 million confirmed cases per day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) compared the current situation to a ‘tsunami’.

The delta mutation and the micron mutation are spreading at the same time, and the number of confirmed cases is increasing at a record level.

[게브레예수스/WHO 사무총장 : “이런 상황은 의료 종사자와 붕괴 직전의 의료 시스템에 엄청난 압력을 가하고 있고, 앞으로도 계속될 것입니다.”]

The WHO also emphasized the equitable distribution of vaccines, pointing out that narrow nationalism and the selfishness of some countries have become the ideal basis for the emergence of new mutations.

The WHO has appealed that reaching 70% vaccination rates in all countries around the world by mid-next year will help stop the spread of the virus.

France’s health minister, Olivier Verand, said on the 29th that the number of confirmed cases in France could exceed 200,000.

The number is expected to increase by around 30,000 from the record high of 179,807 on the 28th.

Minister Verand warned that those at high risk of contracting the virus are those who have not been vaccinated.

In the UK, about 183,000 confirmed cases were confirmed on the 29th, breaking the record of 129,000 the previous day in one day.

In Italy, more than 98,000 people were infected, about 20,000 more than the day before, and it is breaking new highs every day.

This is Kwisoo Kim from KBS News from Berlin.

Video Editing: Jeong Jae-sook/Graphic: Kang Min-soo


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