who is getting married… Will Hyun-sook’s solo heart shake, Young-chul?

‘I’m Solo’ / Photo=SBS Plus broadcast screen capture

‘I’m Solo’ ushered in the ‘period of romance chaos’ with random dating.

In ENA PLAY, SBS PLUS ‘I’m Solo’, broadcast on the 21st, the love line of ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’, which was in great confusion due to a random date, was revealed. Hyun-sook reappeared between Young-cheol and Yeong-ja, who were considered an official couple, creating a gnawing tension, while Sang-cheol’s inner feelings confused Jeong-sook, who showed a crush on him and turned. away.

On the morning of the third day of entering Solo Nara, Young-cheol, who improved his condition by riding a bicycle, took two glasses of juice for Young-ja and went to the girls’ dormitory. Youngja, who saw Yeongcheol sitting in the scorching sun with the parasol spread out to avoid losing the coolness of the juice, said, “Have you got me since morning?” and asked, “Do you like strong women?” To this, Yeongcheol replied, “If you count the number of people like this,” and created a sweet atmosphere.

In front of single women, Jung-sook said, “I’m a thousand dollars inside,” and expressed frustration towards Sang-cheol, whose attitude changed after a one-on-one date. Jeongsuk complained, “If you do it in front of many people (as if you’re angry), doesn’t it make other people uncomfortable?

But Sang-cheol went out to the grocery store with Jeong-suk and Young-soo as if nothing had happened, and treated Jeong-sook kindly, saying, “Be cool! Be gentle! Okay?” Jung-sook, who had softened her heart, showed by buying a separate cake for Sang-cheol, who had a birthday that coincided with the shooting time of ‘I’m Solo’.

Hyun-sook called Yeong-ho and asked for a 1:1 chat. While enjoying the conversation with Hyun-sook, Young-ho confessed, “It was beautiful to see him doing ballet, but it was a bit demanding. If a woman has excessive charm, I will notice.” Then, Hyunsook opened a ‘daily ballet class’ for Youngho, saying, “The most important thing is that conversation becomes tiki-taka.”

Young-su saw Sang-cheol who seemed to be close to Jeong-sook again, and asked, “I want to talk separately for a while.” Then, “I want to talk to Jeong-sook today, so if there’s a date, I’ll choose Jeong-sook.” To this, Sang-cheol replied, “Do whatever you feel comfortable with.” Youngsu said, “Sangcheol seems to make me uncomfortable, but I hope we can get along well even when we go out.”

Jung-sook, who became more confused by Sang-cheol’s back-and-forth attitude, told single women, “Young-soo is like a marriage partner, and Sang-cheol is like a romantic partner. I don’t know what to” w do do.” After a while, Jeong-sook made chicken stir-fry soup and fed everyone, and after eating, Hyun-sook was in charge of washing the dishes. At this time, Yeong-cheol gave Hyun-sook the dishes to wash, and Hyun-sook said, “What is Young-cheol doing? Just look at Young-ja. Who is getting married? Who will making the wedding invitation tomorrow?”

In the end, ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’ decided to predict the fate of a random date. In a random date where couples who are matched by a word of fate decided in advance by the production team wearing a man-to-man T-shirt with each letter written on them enjoy dating, Yeong-sik and Young-ja, Jeong -sook and Young-cheol, Soon-ja and Kwang-soo, Young-sook and Young-su, Ok-sun and Young-ho, Sang-cheol and Hyun-sook became fateful partners. At this time, single women like Jeong-sook vowed, “Let’s find out what the person we love is and share it with each other.”

Afterwards, on ‘Random Date’, Young-sook said to Young-soo, “Jung-suk unnie wants to know Sang-cheol and Young-soo.” Young-soo said, “I couldn’t talk because Jeong-suk is with Sang-cheol every chance.” “If Jeong-sook seems to be getting too high, I’m going on a date to protect him.” Youngsook sang both, saying, “I hope Jungsook unnie and Youngsoo do well.”

Young-cheol, who went on a random date with Jeong-sook, said, “(Sang-cheol) seems to have changed his attitude because of Jung-sook’s tension. Only then did Jeong-suk realize why Sang-cheol had changed and became upset, saying, “I have a lot of thoughts.” Then, “Hyun-sook told Yeong-cheol that he had a heart, but he didn’t know what to do,” and conveyed Hyun-sook’s feelings. In response, Young-chul said, “I thought you didn’t want to know me, but I want to talk to you quickly.”

Hyun-sook, who started dating Sang-cheol, said, “Some of our girls want to have a chat with Sang-cheol. Do you just go straight to Jeong-sook?” He told me to treat single girls with open attitude. After that, Young-ho, who started a random date, immediately went, saying, “I wanted to talk to Ok-sun-nim,” and Young-sik appealed to Young-ja by geographical distance, saying , “You are the closest to me.” To this, Youngja replied, “Are you going to meet me?”

Kim Soo-young, reporter for Hankyung.com swim@hankyung.com

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