Who is heavy? Open the next 7 Man City-Liverpool-Chelsea programs.

Let’s compare. Let’s see. Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea 3 teams that won the Premier League have a program to play in the next 7 matches. Who will you meet?

The English Premier League football season 2021/22 has already played 15 games and analysts believe that At this time, there are only three race horses left to compete for the title: Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Chelsea came off the bench at the top of the table after a 3-2 defeat to West Ham United on Saturday, while Manchester City beat Watford 3-1 and Liverpool beat Wolves. Hampton Wanderers 1-0 makes “The Blues” rise to the top of the crowd instead of 35 points, leading the “Reds” 1 point and the “Sing the Blues” 2 points.

In December to the new year, it is considered a tough program for all teams in the Premier League because they have to play in a tight schedule. The next 7 matches of the 3 teams to win the championship are as follows

man city

7 Dec: RB Leipzig (away, Champions League)
Dec. 11: Wolverhampton Wanderers (home)
Dec 14: Leeds United (home)
19 Dec: Newcastle (away)
26 Dec.: Leicester (home)
29 Dec.: Brentford (away)
Jan 1: Arsenal (away)


Dec. 7: AC Milan (away, Champions League)
11 Dec: Aston Villa (home)
Dec. 16: Newcastle (home)
19 Dec: Spurs (away)
22 Dec: Leicester (home, Carabao Cup)
Dec. 26: Leeds (home)
Dec 28: Leicester (away)


Dec. 8: Zenit (away, Champions League)
11 Dec.: Leeds (home)
Dec 16: Everton (home)
19 Dec: Wolves (away)
22 Dec: Brentford (away, Carabao Cup)
26 Dec: Aston Villa (away)
29 Dec.: Brighton (home)

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