Who is Mr A, born in 1982? Removal of 137 low cost local housing units

Over the past three and a half years, more than 40,000 individuals have bought two or more houses with an official price of 300 million won or less in the states. Of these, 915 households were purchased by the top ten multi-family residents by purchase amount.

According to data presented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Min Hong-cheol, a member of the Land Transport Committee of the National Assembly, and analyzed by Min Hong-cheol on the 17th, from 2019 to July this year, he won more than two low-priced houses with a published price of 300 million or less in the metropolitan area, metropolitan cities, and provinces excluding special autonomous cities. A total of 41,68 individuals were counted under contract. They bought a total of 114,670 households, and the amount paid was close to 16,906,265 million won.

By region, the number of houses purchased in Gyeongnam was the largest with 23,133. The purchase cost was also the highest, at about 4.29 trillion won. The number of low-priced housing purchases was about △ 2853 in South Chungcheong Province, 17,565 in Gyeongbuk, 15,366 in North Chungcheong, and 14,020 in Jeonbuk. It was followed by 12,826 cases in Gangwon, 9,750 cases in Jeonnam, and 1157 cases in Jeju. The top 10 people have bought a total of 915 low-priced homes in the last three and a half years. As a result of analyzing the location of the houses they bought, Chungcheongnam-do had the highest number of 359 households. In terms of the number of purchases, Mr A, born in 1982, signed 137 contracts and was identified as the biggest buyer. Most of the houses that Mr. And about 100 million won.

Recently, the government is discussing a plan to exclude one local house with an official price of 300 million won or less from the number of houses in order to ease the burden of the comprehensive real estate tax. Representative Min said, “Housing policies must be prepared in an honest and detailed way so that end users are not harmed.”

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