Who is Mr. Oh and an actress in her 50s sued?

Mr. Oh, and the actress A in her 50s sued on charges of marriage impersonation and special threats, press conference. / Photo = Pixar Bay

[내외경제TV] Reporter Lee Young-jong = Mr O, who sued actress A in her 50s for marriage fraud and special threat, announced a press conference.

On the 19th, Mr. legal proceedings and criminal charges.”

Oh he said, “I sent the proof of content to Mr A first. I was just going to get the money back and finish it.” But I didn’t get a call.

She continued, “I still love Mr. A,” she said.

Earlier on the 13th, the Ilyo Shimbun reported that actress A had been sued for contract money by Oh’s husband, with whom she had been in a relationship for about two years.

The media said that Mr. Oh got divorced after hearing this when Mr A asked for a divorce and remarried.

In addition, accused Mr.

According to what is known so far, Mr. And his first appearance as a film actor in the 1990s and he is known to be active in plays and films until recently.

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