Who is responsible? “Chairman Hai” cuts off after being postponed, kicking Korat abruptly, losing half a million tickets.

“President Hai” is angry, scolding him hard. Confirmed not to invade and lose to Korat because they always accept the results of the competition. But I suggest that the Thai League should add a little more attention. After the team was suddenly adjusted until Chiang Rai Lost half a million in travel expenses Ask the organizers not to create unnecessary burdens.

“President Hai” Pawitarat Tiyaphairat, president of Leo Chiang Rai United Club, has released a long Facebook post after the team lost to Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC 0-1 in the Thai League battle. 2021-22 residual matches on 26 January ago The team was suddenly postponed. From the original date of Feb 2, 65 had to be postponed to kick off on Jan 26, 65 instead, causing the need to leave the air ticket booked according to the original schedule, worth more than 3 hundred thousand baht.

“President Hai” said, “It’s something that no one wants to happen, especially today is my mother’s birthday. Usually, every year, Hai will live to make merit on mother’s birthday. Early morning in Chiang Rai But this year, Hai chose to stay with the team. In this urgent mission And Hai believes that mother would be proud that Hai intends to work. and showing professionalism all along almost three years ago Hai has been with the team every match, both domestically and internationally, has been quarantined after returning from two 14-day ACL matches.

“Hay never missed a single match. Hai is committed, loving and devoted to this club, more than words, it’s action and consistency. Today we lost and it’s something to admit mistakes and have to. Continue to edit in detail. Sorry for disappointing football fans during this time and sorry mom for not having a birthday present for mom as intended today. Hi would like to inform everyone. After we take the team to complete the race. Because we really intend to do football with all of our heart. and showing professionalism in every program, competition”

“Even though I did not agree with the tournament program today The race program for today, January 26, has been rescheduled. And it’s a sudden change. Originally, the Thai League Company notified our club. That there will be a residual match on February 2nd, with the date informed is January 17th, so we have booked a plane ticket. Chiang Rai – Bangkok to come to compete on February 1, immediately and have booked a plane ticket back to Chiang Rai 23 January (after competing with Prachuap

“But it appears that on January 21, the Thai League Company said that on February 2, the Korat stadium “busy” had to be moved up to January 26 instead, we did. The book goes back to saying Agreed with Korat and then ask to postpone it after because we already booked tickets If you have to discard the ticket and rebook, how much is it? and has a job to teach football to hill tribe children with our sponsor Because originally there was no program today. (And why the mid-ride?) But we were only confirmed on January 22nd that it had to be played on January 26th.”

“Hay had to decide to drop a plane ticket on January 23, amounting to 36 seats, worth almost three hundred thousand baht. because according to the conditions, the ticket cannot be postponed and had to book a new plane ticket back to Chiang Rai on January 27, worth almost three hundred thousand baht instead of the original schedule. The host field is busy. who’s fault or not checking before confirming the program for the first time who’s fault because if he refuses to go to the competition as scheduled The club will be fined. and was fined 50,000 baht and liable Really like the expenses for the host again.”

“But on the other hand, no one is responsible for the cost of the airfare. Hundreds of thousands of baht worth that we have to throw away We have always understood what you Ask the club to understand at all times. whether the league has to survive whether it is getting late funding or it needs less funding etc. So please understand the club. that in the era of covid Every club should There is a chance of survival as well. Because each sponsor doesn’t come easily. Every baht and every penny is distilled from the sweat of our labor. You shouldn’t have to create unnecessary burdens.”

“Finally, I just ask can guarantee that each club will not be treated unfairly And just add a little more “attention” so that it doesn’t look like repetition of damage for each club even more in this era of covids.”

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