Who is responsible for the flood disaster

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the situation around Cherson in southern Ukraine is dramatic: After the destruction of Kakhovka Dam huge areas are flooded. More than 22,000 houses are said to be under water, there are dead and missing. Harvests are rotting, the drinking water supply is cut off in many places, and cooling water is running out at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Chancellor Scholz speaks of one “new dimension” of war.

Who is responsible for this disaster? What indications of possible perpetrators are there, and where are the string pullers located? What is happening just further east, where a right-wing extremist militia has conquered a Russian village? Is Putin’s regime beginning to crumble on the fringes? Our moderator Lisa Fritsch, our crisis reporter Daniel Mützel and I discuss explosive questions in today’s podcast. Please listen.



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P.S.: The two books on Putin’s mafia system recommended in the podcast can be purchased here: “The Magician in the Kremlin” by Giuliano da Empoli and “Putin’s Net” von Catherine Belton.

Source for the sound used by Chancellor Scholz: Deutschlandfunk
With material from dpa


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