Who is that psycho killer? A thriller movie ‘in’ to thrill | IN | Interview in | Rajesh Nair Manorama Max | Entertainment News

‘In’ is a new film to the number of psycho thriller movies in Malayalam. Directed by Rajesh Nair, In is also a movie that will be streamed as an original movie on Manorama Max on 8th July. The novelty of the name is what sets this movie apart. The main plot of the film revolves around a series of murders in the Ripper model that shocks the city and the investigation of a crime journalist who follows it.

Madhupal is playing the role of a police officer for the first time. So who will be the psycho killer? What will be his purpose? Only hours to find out. Actor-director Madhupal, actress Arya Babu and Deepti Sathi talk about Manorama Max’s latest film ‘In’. Watch the interview

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