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Who owns Bitcoin worth Rs 7428 crore? Great discussion.!

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New York, First Published Jul 1, 2021, 6:16 PM IST

New York: Bitcoin cryptocurrency worth Rs 7428 crore is now in the tech world. Will this great wealth go unnoticed, and what led to these discussions was a death. Death of Mirzia Popescu. The bitcoin billionaire drowned off the coast of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. His assets are Bitcoin worth Rs 7428 crore. The question now is who it is

If anyone has passed on the information of Popes’ wallet, they will get it. Otherwise the money will be gone forever. Bitcoin, the global cryptocurrency, could plummet if it loses money. The late Mircia Popes is a mysterious figure in the Bitcoin scene. No one knows where Popescu was born. Romania and Poland. According to reports, he last lived in Romania.

In 2012, Mpex, a bitcoin exchange, was established by Popes. But as the company stepped into the bitcoin gambling arena, various agencies in the country cracked down on financial crime prevention. I love freedom so this was the policy of Bitcoin and Popesque. But he is notorious for writing controversial blogs. In the early days, blogs were a guide for cryptocurrency investors, but later became full of racism and fascism.

I would post an average of 100 blog posts a month. There have been reports of hate blogs in his name in recent times. Like Satashi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and a man who has never been seen before, the Pope is a mysterious figure in the world of Bitcoin. The ‘orphaned treasure’ of one billion US dollars is orphaned when he finally dies.

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