Who should Brussels before trading before the deadline?

The Boston Bruins are fighting to compete in the competitive competitiveness of the Atlantic Department, and now they must lose David Pastrnak for two weeks. We design on trades that make sense to the Bruins before the trading deadline February 25:

Who should the Bruins trade?

Greg Wyshynski, senior NHL writer: Mark Stone, RW, Senators of Ottawa

The Bruins are always seeking solutions to their secondary scoring questions behind the Patrice Bergeron line. Last season they took a swing with a free agent without restriction in Rick Nash … and whiffed, as Nash had 3 goals and 2 assisted in 12 play games with less 7 in the last NHL due to challenges that was there .

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There are other alternatives to rent for the next week, and if Bruins wants to correspond to the depths of the Eastern Conference conferences such as Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals, they are best to get up to get. Of course, it would be nice to get one and it might be one after the season. Who gives us Stone.

Winger Senators have 26 goals and helps 31 episodes of this season's 56 games, their fifth campaign with just over 20 goals. In essence, the Stone is 26 years old of the Bergeron of the right wings as long as it combines aggressive and protective protection efficiency. He drives playing at a rate that goes beyond his colleagues too. Shoot it online David Krejci and you really have something.

What will it cost? That depends entirely on David Backes. The Senators are able to trade Stone or Matt Duchene and they have a great return if they take a salary coming back in the other way. A perfect candidate for such dumping is a 34 year old background with a $ 6 million cap peak. If Ottawa would be willing to make that contract on a first round, third round package and then Jake DeBrusk or Ryan Donato are your starting point.

Emily Kaplan, NHL national reporter: Tyler Toffoli, RW, Los Angeles Kings

Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Alerts can help any wannabe contestant, including the Bruins. He's a scream, a big body that gets in front of the net and, most importantly, a score can be made (let alone those leadership credits that we can not quantify). Simmonds would be a huge asset on the power, but that is where Boston is right. Bruins is the real problem in scoring even-strength, where their goals are 98 5-on-5 in the 25th phase in the series. Bruins are burned by paying a high price for rent in Nash last week, and he did not work out. So I do not know if they will rely on Simmonds.

Tyler Toffoli helped increase the scoring of secondary schools in Boston. Fred Kfoury III / Icon Sportswire

Here's where I plan to splashy trading. Since the King's kings are running what they expect, each player should be on the board, except Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar. This includes Toffoli, which the Kings may be showing after promoting it to the top line of Thursday. The Toffoli term, 26, is longer than this season, which would increase Bruins' management. He has a $ 4.6 million capital winner for the next two weeks, which is acceptable for Boston, and could expand as a center center.

The Kings must look for speed and childhood, so that they can ask Donato as part of the package, but it may be too rich for Boston. Instead, Bruins can offer the first choice and protection prospect of Jakub Zboril, on the first meeting of 2015 that still unable to do the public through the community in Boston, but could Get in Los Angeles.

Chris Peters, NHL draft writer and prospects: Ryan Dzingel, LW, Senators of Ottawa

I do not think the Bruins want to get overpayment for rent, but they obviously need to take a lead. In my opinion, Dzingel is one of the more led players available at the deadline. He has 41 points already raising his career and is about to progress on his high career goals (currently on the spot at 21 for the season). The $ 1.8 million cap is easy to manage its expiration, and if it proves fit, it may be an affordable replacement of the offseason, assuming it will enjoy its time in Boston .

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Sens GM Pierre Dorion shows that he understands within the department, but it is not just a strong position here. The purpose is to compile a draft pick and / or prospects. The big fish with Dorion is Duchene and Stone, which leaves Dzingel in the shade slightly. In my opinion, the Bruins might probably get out of a second round pickup for Dzingel straight up. Ottawa must appeal in this draft, but I do not think Dzingel could get the first time. The alternative may be offering an expectation from the depth of its farm system. Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson is a reminiscent name as his unsuccessful prospect in Boston, but there are still many tasks that could play a role. It will also be a FRR without arbitration rights on this phrase, making it a relatively easy repository for Ottawa. I would like to imagine that there would be a need for additional pick or prospects as a sweetener to do it.

Dimitri Filipovic, hockey analysis writer: Chris Kreider, LW, New York Rangers

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It was even clear before the news on Pastrnak's injury broke out that Bruins had to do some shopping at the deadline. Although they are firmly firm as a contractor, there are still two things against them: a) the Atlantic Division's top will be full in order to communicate again and b) find a viable source of consistent primary schools Bugaboo is scoring which follows them.

Their line is best known as the best hockey line, and despite the fact that different challenges are emerging in this season in other cities, the only one you prefer is to take a seven playoff game yet. But the main way they have taken their group faces is also a headache that comes to the Bruins. In addition to Bergeron, Brad Marchand and Pastrnak are once they are out on the ice, they can only count on a certain game of game. Compared to the Leaflets, they focus on closing the Auston Matthews line line as they have in the past, they will be in touch with the mix of John Tavares and Mitch Marner. Similarly, in a series against Tampa Bay, you may not have to protect all your resources towards protecting Brayden's line when Steven Stamkos is waiting in the wings.

Even with a healthy and successful Pastrnak as one of the best players in the series, the Brún is struggling to put the public into the net. They are 28th in scoring 5-on-5, and Coyotes Kings and Arizona do not generate a smaller proportion overall. The worst shooting percentage of the series, which is on the south side of 7 per cent, does not help the situation, but its wishes are hard to punish completely when they are only 24 and 21 goals which are expected to be scored in these two categories.

Could Chris Kreider have a Bruins answer to the trading deadline? Joshua Sarner / Icon Sportswire

Even if GM Don Sweeney is reluctant to pay a premium for rent after whiffing on Nash at the last year's deadline, there are a few logical upgrades to focus on the remaining term beyond their season. Kreider is one of the most important, which shows a calculated home cut for Bruins team that everything should be a power to tackle this core as well. It's easy to ignore its performance because the Rangers are otherwise a prison, but Kreider has a fantastic season alone. It is at the speed of high-career in objectives (35) and points (63), causing damage to 5 to 5. It is 17th in objectives, and it's 43 in points. In terms of its impact on the basic number of staff relative to their colleagues, he also has 10 goals in goals, scoring goals and expected goals.

In any way you release it, it was a complete monster. It is great, fast and strong that defensively, which makes the transition into a Bruins line with seamless fitting. Apart from Artemi Panarin and Stone – both of them will get the king's redemption money, and they are pure rent – one of the few wings that are probably available can really translate the needle in a tangible way, making it very valuable.


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