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Who will win the picture quality of “Far Cry 6” and “Blue Blood Knife 2”? | XFastest News

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Today, a YouTube channel called ElAnalistaDeBits uploaded a game screen comparison video, which compares the picture quality, physics, special effects, etc. between the latest “Far Cry 6” and the masterpiece “Blue Blood 2”, to escape the storyline. Let the players purely present on the screen and compare the differences between the two.

Although “Far Cry 6” is a new work, because it inherits the Ubisoft tradition very well, the painting style of painting makes people know that it must be a Ubisoft game at a glance, but this time it has better overall details. The presentation, coupled with the addition of ray tracing and FSR functions, allows players to get a good gaming experience. Although “Blood Slayer 2” was launched 3 years ago, it also supports functions such as ray tracing and DLSS, but the screen design is more realistic, but it is not difficult to find that under such a design, it will cause some The picture is too false in order to present a sense of reality, so in terms of the author’s personal feelings, the picture presented by “Far Cry 6” will be more attractive.

In addition to various scene tests, there are also some weapon effect tests, NPC and animal reflection tests in the film, etc. These two have similarities in some situations, and also have great differences in some situations. For example, in “Far “Cry 6” throws gasoline bombs on the grass, the fire will not only burn in a small area, but will spread to the surrounding area. The original burning area will also automatically extinguish the flame because the vegetation is burned out. But looking at it as a whole, in fact, it is not “Far Cry 6” that has a good effect in most of the tests. Players who are interested in understanding the differences can watch the video~

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