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1. Americans are more and more fond of using apps developed by Chinese companies, and the top 4 are all held by China, including Temu, CapCut,TikTokand Shein.

2. 《wall streetThe Daily noted that because these Chinese companies use “embroidery” tactics, they use cheap labor to continually refine their products.

3. In addition to powerful algorithms, the organizational efficiency of Chinese companies is another key to their rise.

Relations between the US and China are locked, but Americans are increasingly inseparable from apps developed in China! The Wall Street Journal pointed out that this was because these Chinese companies were using “embroidery” tactics to capture Americans’ cell phones.

A few days ago, the two parties in the United States questioned the Chinese short video platformTik TokData security, jointly questioned the company’s chief executive in Congress for more than 4 hours. But at the same time, TikTok may not be the only concern for US lawmakers, because Americans are increasingly using apps developed by Chinese companies – the top four are all held by China.

According to data research organization Sensor Tower, in the first three weeks of March, the most downloaded app in the United States was Temu, an online shopping platform launched by Chinese e-commerce company Pinduoduo in the United States.

The second place is CapCut, a video editing software that also belongs to Douyin’s parent company ByteDance, the third place is TikTok, the fourth place is the Chinese fast fashion online shopping platform Shein, and the fifth place is Facebook from the United States.

Chinese technology jargon: Embroidery

An army of cheap workers preserves refined products

The “Wall Street Journal” said that Chinese technology companies use cheap labor to continuously refine their products, just like China’s rise to become the world’s manufacturing factory for decades, is the secret weapon for these companies to defeat companies the West.

In China’s technology industry, there is a term used to describe this practice of excellence and relentless pursuit: embroidery.

“Everyone is improving their craftsmanship stitch by stitch,” said Fan Lu (transliteration), a venture capital investor who once invested in, Douyin’s predecessor.

The first element of embroidery tactics is a large amount of labor, and even let workers fight against each other, just to launch products that are more popular with consumers. For example, although Temu is a shopping platform, more than half of its employees are engineers, and the purpose is to continuously improve the website’s interface.

Bytedance is the leader in embroidery tactics, also known as “horse racing” in the Chinese technology industry. Several teams will be assigned to develop the same product or feature, but with slightly different product outcomes. The team with better product performance wins and gets more resources, while other versions of the product are be deleted.

“Employees sometimes say that the company is depressing because no one can fully control the design of a product from start to finish,” said Guo Yu, a senior principal engineer who used to work at ByteDance.

For example, Douyin’s signature one-column scrolling interface was the winner among user interfaces developed by multiple teams, while the two-column interface similar to Instagram’s explore page was eliminated.

The second element is standardization, so that products can be launched very quickly, and the “try first and then try better” is thoroughly implemented.

ByteDance product managers and engineers said the company has standardized communication protocols, systems, and detailed indicators that can assess user preferences, allowing the app to roll out new updates in just a few days.

For example, CapCut was only launched in 2020, and its monthly active users exceeded 200 million in just three years, because it launched various updates quickly and still attracted new users.

Its first surge in downloads was in May 2021, when it launched the “3D zoom” effect, which can make photos look like three-dimensional photos; last year around Halloween and Christmas, it launched multiple holiday templates, attracting many people each time. Hundreds of thousands of new downloads.

And now, generative AI is trendy, and it is ready to introduce new features where users need to type only a few words, and it will generate a video in seconds based on it.

Finally, what helps the embroidery strategy is that Chinese companies are more willing to spend a lot of money on advertising exposure, because they believe that they can only refine their products when they have more user data. more detailed.

For example, Temu has only been established for 5 months, and is willing to pay a sky-high price to buy the advertising time of the American Super Bowl, which is called an advertising event. “When Chinese companies see an opportunity, they are more willing than their American counterparts to buy traffic earlier and on a larger scale.” said Ivy Yang, a Chinese technology analyst who used to work for Alibaba.

The “Wall Street Journal” pointed out that currently, when people look at Chinese apps, they only see powerful algorithms, but the organizational efficiency of Chinese companies is actually another key to their progress.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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