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Why can’t people choose the brand of the COVID vaccine? The diaries explained

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Anutin reveals progress in discussions with Chinese vaccine producer Sino Farm, Yan MoN supports all vaccine registrations in the world. And explain why people cannot choose their own brand of vaccines

On April 30, 2021, Matichon reported that Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. Interviewed after meeting with representatives of the Chinese vaccine manufacturer Sino Farm, that the negotiations are not yet discussed. We have to negotiate with a manufacturer that is ready. At least when the documents are submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Thailand is almost complete.

But the Ministry of Health confirmed to the vaccine manufacturer that Ready to support the registration of all vaccines in the world If Sino Farm Company wants to register in Thailand To be sold to both the public or private sectors Must submit documents according to the FDA’s vaccine registration regulations

Mr. Anutin said that I would like to understand the issues that are still being said. The government blocks vaccine registration. I confirm once again that Vaccines entering Thailand must be free. With good standard features That have been certified by the FDA and Department of Medical Sciences to be used in Thailand The government has never blocked the opportunity or the entry of vaccine registrations.

Mr. Anutin said about choosing a brand of vaccine that People may not be able to choose to inject. Because each type is appropriate to administer injections in different target groups, such as the Pfizer vaccine. The results of trials in children from 12 years old, if the vaccine can be reserved for children 12-18 years, the Sinovac vaccine, injected with the second needle 3 weeks away from the first dose, takes less time to build immunity than other vaccines. Need to expedite injection to medical personnel Front office staff Immigration police To create safety for people to work in a fast time At the same time, a reserve of each vaccine must be given to the individual indication as needed, such as a vaccine allergy.

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“The general public has no advantage and disadvantage whether getting Sinovac or AstraZen vaccines. Because everyone will receive the same immune-safe vaccine. Confirmed that all brands of vaccines entered Thailand There is a safety audit committee already, ”said Anutin.

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