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Why did Gian84 explain why I am pouring oil into a burning house, I live alone TEN Starfield

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≪Park Chang-gi’s Sissy Bibi≫
Kian 84 explains the bullying controversy
“I’m living a good life enjoying wealth and wealth”
On the contrary, adverse effects and suspicions of the producers’ demands
You should see the forest rather than the trees…

Webtoon writer Gian84. /tenasia DB

《Park Chang-gi’s Sissy Bibi》

We take a detailed look at the spicy and provocative issues of the entertainment industry. We will dig into each detail through detailed analysis and quick grasp of public opinion. Park Chang-gi, a reporter for Ten Asia, judges exactly what is right and what is wrong and scrapes the itchy area coolly.

‘MBC’s signboard entertainment program’s journey to hell’

Webtoon writer Gian84 has clarified the bullying controversy. It was expected that the criticism would subside for a while, but it came as a negative effect. Viewers raised their voices of anger by pointing out the part that Gian 84 explained. Some even argued that Gian 84 did it reluctantly due to the producer’s request. The deep-seated muzzle doesn’t seem to fall out easily for a while.

In ‘I Live Alone’, which aired on the 24th, Gian84 struggled to open his mouth during the opening. He expressed his apologetics by referring to Jeon Hyun-moo, who was being insulted because of him.

He also denied the recent bullying controversy, saying, “I’m not bullying. I’m living a good life enjoying the movies of wealth and wealth.” “I hope that ‘I Live Alone’ goes well in the future. Do I have to write a book of blood one by one?”

The controversy over Kian84’s bullying began on the 13th of last month. At that time, Kian84 went on a ‘Closing Shower’ trip to commemorate the successful completion of a webtoon that had been serialized for over 10 years. He showed great anticipation at the thought of going with the members. But the reality was completely different. Jeon Hyun-moo appeared alone at the scene. In the end, a hidden camera disguised as a party to celebrate the end of Kian84’s serialization caused the current bullying controversy. At the time, the production team said, “I couldn’t go due to the strengthening of social distancing due to COVID-19.”

Afterwards, in an official statement, he said, “I apologize to those who felt even the slightest inconvenience. Disagreement between the members is not true.”

/Photo = MBC 'I Live Alone' broadcast screen
/Photo = MBC ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast screen

However, as an indoor meeting held by Jeon Hyun-moo under the name of ‘Free Association’ was recently revealed, the bullying controversy has risen to the surface again. The production crew informed that the filming was carried out while maintaining strict distance. Those words eventually acted as a device to uncover the lies of the production team.

The meeting is held for 4 people. This means that Kian84’s ‘final shower’ trip was also possible enough. It means that if the production team had taken Kian84 even a little bit into consideration, it could have been carried out with members who could schedule it. The spread of COVID-19 is even more intense now than it was then. In the end, fans think that the production team’s position is nothing more than an ‘excuse’.

It has been over a month since the bullying controversy broke out. However, it seems that the production team still has not grasped the core. There are several problems, but the biggest one is that Gian84 was not notified of the members’ absence in advance. This led to rumors of discord among the members and discriminatory treatment. The controversy about biting the tail has caused even greater anger.

However, the production team is only denying the controversy. The effort to ignore the true cause continues. This is the reason why viewers pour out intense criticism along with a sense of disappointment. ‘I live alone’, who is in a hurry to solve the immediate problem and cannot find the essence. In order to continue surviving as an MBC entertainment program, it seems that the gaze that can see the forest rather than the trees is desperately needed.

By Park Chang-gi, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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