Why did Minneapolis not where I found my dream house

Although he listed everything on my “must have” list – no formal dining area, a fence back yard, a non-terrible basement – it wasn't what I had planned in my first house. Instead of a small bungalow in southern Minneapolis as I was in the picture, it was a brick barrier in the burbs bs.

Sometimes my address still comes up as Minneapolis on Google Maps because there seems to be some overlap, code-code. (I'm not going to get into it.) There is something, however, that I visited a few of these bungalows, and none of them spoke to me.

They were dangerous, with narrow staircases imagining that I was falling down in the middle of the night moving from an attic master room to using the town's single bathroom at the main level. The scene was from your window … in the window of your neighbor. Cute!

Although I didn't want to spend large sums of money on it. Already leaving a “luxury” apartment in the city, where your neighbor's hobby was a hobby that forced his residents (read about it here). Also, they were Seriously expensive for such a small space.

So, after some heart-to-hearts with my parents about what I was really searching for, I let the idea that I would only be able to maintain my current lifestyle if I lived within the boundaries of Minneapolis city .

Then I did what one million years would level: I put all my faith into it realtor I never met but I knew online through Twitter. And, dang it, pulled it through! It only took my war into a potential tender war once to affect me. The market was wild and I was not about to throw down your house which was already out of my price range.

My realtor kept the checklist I wore to keep in mind and when he caught the wind of the house hitting the market, he gave me a look. It was dusty! In the mid-restoration! An old fridge hung out in the dining room! And I loved it. It was already so close, with fireplace, white cabinets, hardwood floors and open concept layouts.

My brain started to think about the layout of the furniture that I was not yet there. And that's it when I knew: I'm now living in a suburb. But he's a margin, and it's close to the airport and to my third house, the Mall in America.

It's quiet and PARKING IS (FREE !!!). Did I mention recently we elected the first Latina fingers in the history of Minnesota? Richfield is cool and I am happy to put my mind at rest that you would be looking outside the city for my first town.

I intend to always write about my new home unexpected dreams, the room going around. Because one thing I have learned so far as a homeowner – is in addition to the fact that they never ask, if you know anything about home ownership before you borrow from you – is there a it expensive.

It felt like an immediate home, but it is a continuous process to put my mark on without much involvement. I am looking forward to it.

Andrea Pendergast is a communications specialist based in the Twin Cities. This post first appeared on her blog, "white girl in a crowd."


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