Why did Mohanlal Shornur Theater open at 4:30 am? – News18 Malayalam

The fair, which used to be a charm for movie lovers, is now M Lal Cineplex. Mohanlal, the darling of Malayalam, arrived at 4.30 am for the inauguration of the theater. But why an inauguration in the morning. The actor himself reveals the reason for this.

After inaugurating the Bhadradeepam, Mohanlal said that the theater complex is a gift of love to the people and the Valluvanad soil that he loves so much.

‘The soil where hundreds of movies were born. It is indebted to the soil and to the people. My love affair with this beach started three and a half decades ago in my acting career. He was able to tread on this soil and give life to so many characters. May the virtue of Nila be a blessing to the new venture as well. Let this morning present a new dawn to Shornur ‘says Mohanlal.

M Lal Cineplex is owned by Ashirwad Cinemas and Mohanlal. Ashirvas Cinemas currently has theaters in Kozhikode, Thodupuzha, Kadapra and Perumbavoor.

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