Why did the acorn thunder after breaking through the wall?

A family in the United States is said to have been struck by lightning.

What is the story?

Something pours out of the hole in the wall.

It was an acorn.

Is the amount huge?

When an American pest control company drilled through the wall of a home, an acorn weighing 700 pounds (Ib) fell and weighed about 317 kg.

There are about eight sacks.

It became clear that woodpeckers collect acorns by drilling holes in the outer walls of the house to store food for the winter.

A management specialist who has been working for over 20 years said it was the first time he had seen an acorn sheep.

Netizens said it was strange, but also added an interesting opinion, saying, “If the acorns were left inside the wall, it would have been good insulation.”

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