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“Why do we have a robotic police dog performance test?” American Black Society Rebels

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“Why tell us the robot police dog performance test”… American Black Society Rebels

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A robot police dog put into the scene of the incident. Photo = Inside Edition YouTube

[아시아경제 권서영 기자] Controversy is growing over the robotic police dog, which is currently being tested by the NYPD in the United States.

NYPD introduced a robotic police dog made by American robot maker’Boston Dynamics’. The robotic police dog, which is known for not only remote control but also the ability to cope with the on-site situation by using artificial intelligence (AI), was actually put into a hostage case in Manhattan on the 12th.

However, voices of opposition to this are also on the rise. This is because there is a historical background that blind dogs were regarded as a means of subduing black people from before the Civil War, and there is still a perception that police dogs are mainly used for people of color even today.

A resident of a low-income neighborhood in Manhattan, where robotic police dogs were deployed, commented, “I think (we) have been subjected to a performance test of a robotic police dog. It feels like being treated as a second-class citizen. In addition, according to a report by the New York Times (NYT) on the 16th local time, Democratic Party candidates running for the New York mayoral election also expressed criticism about the full-scale introduction of robotic police dogs.

Candidate Maya Wiley, a female attorney from a human rights activist, said he would stop using robotic police dogs when he became mayor. “Robot police dogs will pose another danger to black and Hispanic residents.” New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer also argued that “the police should stop developing technologies to suppress low-income and people of color.”

Meanwhile, as criticism spread, New York Mayor Bill Double Lazio also announced that it would discuss the matter with the NYPD.

Intern Reporter Seoyoung Kwon kwon1926@asiae.co.kr

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