Why do you fear that “Varan” is ready to quit “Haaland” reveals 5 ways for “Man United” to win the FA Cup?

On 2 June 2023, Manchester United defender Raphael Varane gave the latest interview to the Daily Mail ahead of the FA Cup final. This will decide the second title of the season after the League Cup, with a clash against city rivals Manchester City. Saturday, June 3, 9:00 pm Thailand time

Varane was asked if he was afraid of Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker who scored 52 goals in his first season in the English Premier League. Dejected, he replied, “Why not? Every game has a challenge. And I like to challenge myself. Including challenging other teams by playing as a group as well.”

As for how United will beat this season’s Premier League winners Manchester City from a 14-point lead, Varane has tipped five key FA Cup prospects Belief It doesn’t matter if the opposition are in form or not. But when the challenge is in front of us We have to accept it and find a way to overcome it. I think we know we can beat anybody.”

“Manchester City are a very complete team. They score goals from set pieces. of possession and of changing the game from defensive to offensive Obviously he (Erling Haaland) is one of the best players they have. But we must not focus on just one person. and they should respond by playing together as a group.”

“We have to play consistently well for 90 minutes because we know that everything can change in a few seconds.”

“In that game, the most important point was the moment in the first half. So we have to do well from now on to win the cup. If we get a chance We have to turn it into a goal.”

“They focus on coordination. And passing the ball like that is complicated to defend. So we have to find a way to disconnect that link, especially with Kevin De Bruyne, we have to stop them early. not in the latter area because sometimes it’s too late”.


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