Why does Murdoch allow his Wall Street Journal to jeopardize his Ally Trump? Plus, Pulitzer Prize Notes.

Over the past two months, major investigative articles have been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times Journal, and The Intercept of the Middle Empire Rupert Murdoch and how he combined with successive governments on three continents – including administration. President Trump in the United States – to improve the power and wealth of his family.

So there is no small irony that the Wall Street Murdoch Magazine was awarded the Pulitzer National Reporting Prize on Monday Monday for the money that Trump sent to Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) and Karen McDougal. As the Pulitzer announcement signaled, the award was “to expose President Trump's secret circumstances to two women during his campaign which claimed he had business with him, and the network of supporters; facilitating transactions, promoting criminal investigations and demanding effort. ”

Up to at least this point, the Journal's reporting created more than a lawyer for the president than a special counsel under Robert Mueller's investigation – although this may change when the Mueller report's version is released later this week. Thus it is worth saying why Murdoch, who has been the Fox News Channel transformed as a full-troubling propaganda vehicle for Trump and his hate speech, has maintained the excellence of the Journal during its ten years plus ownership.

My comments: The Journal gives him a cachet that he would not otherwise have; and he knows that near a high-brow newspaper is not a public opinion as well as an excellent cable network that supports and strengthens fact-free Trump rhetoric. Reporting The Journal can cause problems for Trump – but there is nothing that people like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson can't bake.

Another note relating to Trump: The New York Times won the Explanatory Reporting award for its massive investigation into Trump's false claims that he became rich as a result of his own efforts as well as reporting on his family depending on a wide range of taxes. avoidance schemes.


Trump and Murdoch aside, you could not look at the list of Pulitzer winners without great sadness. The Special Citation was for the Capital Gazette of Annapolis, Maryland, who kept their journalists reporting on them after a five-man gunman was killed in June last. There was a Breaking News Reporting Award that went to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for his mascot of the Tree of Life in October.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel won the most prestigious one of the Pulitzers, for the Public Service, “leading to failures by school officials and law enforcement before and after the marketing shot ramps at Cloch na Cloiche High School.” T The Washington Post in the final were the same category for reporting on the killing of its Jamal Khashoggi columnist, which appears to be at the disposal of the Arabian regime.

As Andrew McCormick of Columbia Journalism wrote, Pulitzer administrator, Dana Canedy, noted in her statements about obituaries that published The Eagle Eye, a student newspaper by Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

“These new journalists remind us of the unequivocal media commitment to witness, even in the worst circumstances,” said Canedy. And as McCormick noted, “Unfortunately, the theme of Canedy and the 103th prize relay this year was: the increase in violence in the country, which journalists had to cover and which they have focused on. . ”


There are some other Pulitzer notes:
• Craig Walker, a photographer of Boston Globe, a two-time Pulitzer winner, was in the final in Feature Photography for his work reporting the life of Connor Biscan, the subject of “Raising Connor,” a boy struggling with autism and other issues. The photographs and accompanying story were published by Liz Kowalczyk, in the Globe last May.

• Aretha Franklin was awarded a Special Prize for "her indelible contribution to American music and culture for more than five decades." The prize was well deserved, but it is a pity that Pulitzer board decided to wait until Franklin do not go around to enjoy. Simply put, she was one of the greatest musicians for the past 75 years.

• I had already planned, with some unease, to accept David W. Blight's huge center "Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom." So I was delighted to see that he won the Pulitzer for History.

• The full list of Pulitzers is deep and impressive, and I left out more than I am. See journalism and the best arts in 2018.

WGBH News, Dan Kennedy, Media Nation, is online at dankennedy.net.

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