Why does Xi Jinping raise Jiang Zemin, the mystery of the memorial event that was unexpectedly too grand? (1/6) |JBpress

He praised “self-retirement” and mentioned the Tiananmen Incident in expanding the empty revolution What is Xi Jinping’s goal?

President Xi Jinping and former President Jiang Zemin (file photo, October 24, 2017, photo: AP/Aflo)

(Kaori Fukushima: Journalist)

On December 6, a memorial service for former Supreme Leader Jiang Zemin was held at the Great Hall of the People. With a serious look on his face, Xi Jinping read a 50-minute eulogy.

What surprised me was that the various adjectives sent to Jiang Zemin were as great as those of Deng Xiaoping.

There were also notices that were not available at the Deng Memorial Rally, such as a ban on all entertainment for the day of the memorial rally.

But Jiang Zemin’s achievements as a supreme leader are clearly inferior to those of Deng Xiaoping. To begin with, the first half of Jiang Zemin’s administration was actually Deng Xiaoping’s cloistered government. In addition, Xi Jinping must have developed a fierce power struggle, regarding Jiang Zemin’s faction as his political opponent. Why did Xi Jinping read such a glowing eulogy to Jiang Zemin?

Regarding Jiang Zemin’s achievements, he also referred to the passage that he voluntarily handed over his post to a successor at the 16th Party Congress. Is this not contrary to Xi Jinping’s stance of suppressing opposition within the party at the 20th Party Congress and forcefully re-appointing him to a third term as general secretary?

At the same time, the anti-zero-corona movement and the empty paper revolution are expanding throughout China, and some of the slogans such as “Xi Jinping under the table” (Xi Jinping should resign) are starting to appear, calls for Xi Jinping’s personal responsibility. I would like to think about the reason why it was done this way.

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